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Update: Merchant Fleet

Freedom, adventurism and trade are not inherent in the Military Fleet, but in the new update, the Merchant faction was able to create a completely different format of the Fleet, which will appeal to those who are tired of completing daily tasks and waiting for their salaries. Now you yourself decide how many tasks you can complete, and the reward will go to your asteroid at the same hour.

In the Merchant Fleet, four missions arrive once every two days with a duration of 48 hours. There are no salaries, but there are prizes in the tasks that can be obtained immediately upon completing it. There are no such prizes in the Military Fleet!
In the Military Fleet, weapon enhancements are activated as the rank grows, in the Merchant Fleet - they can be bought. As you advance in the ranks of the Merchant Fleet, the offers will be more profitable. And also, an important fact, there are no PvP battles in the Merchant Fleet!

Don't worry, you can always return to the Military Fleet if you wish.

In honor of the update, the Merchant Fleet is announcing the following discounts and promotions, which will last until the end of this month:

1. Discount on the purchase of the entire assortment of the Store -45%
2. Discount on activation of Sciences -33%
3. Discount on the purchase of premium asteroids, including secondary ones -50%.

4. Discount on reset skills and dismissal of Captains -75%
5. +200% to Science speed.
6. +200% to the speed of buildings.
7. Speed ​​of production of crystals +200%

8. -30% discount for switching from regular to premium Starbase and upgrading premium.
9. 30% discount on the construction of premium factories.
10. The cost of changing the Faction has been reduced by 2 times.
11. The cost of creating and expanding a clan has been reduced -50%

Astro Lords: Oort Cloud Birthday

Dear Lords!
We are glad to announce that on May 30 we celebrate the 7th birthday of the game!
This incredible event happened thanks to you, dear Lords, so we want to share the hottest discounts and festive mood.

In honor of the birthday of the game from May 29 to June 6, you will find:

1. Making payments through Xsolla and WebMoney payment systems, you will receive + 100% deuterium for free.
2. Discount on the purchase of the entire assortment of the Store -50%
3. 7x experience for the first win of the day.
4. Discount on all global premiums. services -50% (for premium ships -40%)

5. Discount on premium ships:
- in the game in global services -40%
- on the website astrolords.ru/promo in packages -77%
6. Discount on activation of Sciences -33%
7. The maximum amount of Deuterium and Credits that drop in boxes in battles has been increased by 5 times.

8. Discount on the purchase of premium asteroids, including secondary ones -50%.
9. 30% discount in deuterium / tritium when upgrading factories to level 10.
10. The chance of finding improvements in the Unusual Nebula is increased by 7 times.

Permanent changes:
- The strength of the Station on MOBA 50 has been doubled.
- a new war rune FRM has been added, which will not only add durability to Starbase, but also speed up its repair. Already available in the Store and on the website astrolords.ru/promo (Ultimate Protection package)

Victory Day

Astrolords! We congratulate you on the upcoming holiday - Victory Day!
Let valor, honor and courage be present in the hearts of every Lord and lead to new feats and achievements.

In honor of the holiday, the following events will operate in the game from May 9 to May 12:

1. Making payments through Xsolla and WebMoney payment systems, you will receive + 100% deuterium for free.
2. Festive task.
3. Reset skills and dismissal of Captains -75%

4.5x experience for the first win on the Arena
5. Discount in the Store -40%
6. The speed of energy recovery, ammunition and damage to the ship when ramming + 75%

7. Nuka and Superbazuka do 9 times more damage.
8. Discount on premium Asteroids -50%
9. The maximum possible amount of deuterium dropped in chests in battle has been doubled.

The server has been restored and access to the game is open again

Dear players!
We are glad to inform you that the server has been restored and access to the game is open again!

It was not an easy job, because the entire infrastructure had to be rebuilt completely from scratch on a new server due to a fire in the OVH data center. But our specialists did what many did not believe in and restored the game.
Moreover, almost all data, statistics, and so on have survived. This means that each of you will be able to continue the game without starting from scratch.

Unfortunately, there is also a fly in the ointment, namely, the accounts that were registered in the last couple of months have been lost. But this is not a reason for disappointment. For such players, we have prepared a special reward to restore their progress at lightning speed. If you cannot get to your account - contact support and we will definitely help you.

Also, please note that a small part of the progress of all existing accounts was lost, but for you we have also prepared compensation that will be issued in the game. And also ALL purchased deuterium will be credited to your account!

Our team apologizes for the current situation, which added large losses to the project without funding, and we hope for your support. After all, thanks to you, we will soon celebrate the 7th anniversary of the game and plan to make it even cooler than the previous ones!
Your support is very important now and we would appreciate any purchase of deuterium.

Renewal of Astro Lords servers

Dear players!
Our specialists are working diligently and without rest to restore access to the game.
We have already achieved some success, namely, the main server of the game has already been raised, the databases and related modules have been resumed, the configuration files have been successfully restored, and much more.
At the moment we are working on the ability to enter the game for all players, because it takes time to sync all data.

Unfortunately, we cannot indicate the time and date when all players will be able to enter the game again, but we hasten to please you with several screenshots from the administrator accounts on which you can see that the game is already available and functioning.