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6 Days left on Ep 01 Kickstarter

Hey there, I'm not gonna take up too much of your time. I just want to make the project visible once more before the Kickstarter expires. I haven't given up hope yet but as the days get closer the likelihood of the project launch being unsuccessful is inevitably going up.

[h2]I do not plan to re-launch another Kickstarter after this.[/h2]

I'm making this announcement in case any players missed the previous updates since October and would like to back the Kickstarter. Besides a few tweaks in an upcoming update, Episode 02 is complete.

If the Kickstarter Succeeds:

We would be re-designing the old level(s) from Episode 01 with a bunch of new stuff!

This of course is just a small example, but the entire house and area would be getting an extreme makeover.

25+ weapons, (a lot of them new) are planned for Episode 01 remake!

New mysteries to discover with lots of changes to the old area to make things more dynamic and interesting are planned!

[h2]Alpha Blueprint[/h2]
◄click me
If you happen to have an amazing memory or photographic memory I'd avoid clicking the level blueprint as it does kind of spoil some things.

Enemies Approach!

Alongside the zombies, new enemies would be added into episode 01, they'd be a little bit smarter but not as tough as the cultists from episode 02. They will have their own unique traits for the player to learn and master when encountered!

Collectors take dismembered body parts to perform dark rituals!

We seriously need your help to make this a reality, our time is running out. Backing the project would get you some cool rewards as well!

[h3]Some back rewards include:[/h3]
  • Wallpaper and Digital Diorama
  • Be one of the first to beta test the new level!
  • Have you credit attached to 1 of the 5 limited Artifacts!
  • Work with me to design a Slot Item named after you!
  • Design your own weapon for the Episode 01 !

That's about it. Now's the time, that's all I can say. I can't afford to keep going with this series if the Kickstarter isn't successful. And just so you know, Episode 01 would be released for free to download just as the original was all those years ago ( but only if I have the funds to make it. )

Now is also a great time to share these links with your friends and fellow gamers:

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Every little bit helps. Thanks for your time, take care guys!