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International Version coming SOON and Free Demo Available Now!

The original Brazilian Portuguese version of Songs for a Hero came out in 2016, and we have been improving the game ever since, so that we might reach the closest we can to a definitive version for the release of the International Version, with full English localization.

As it is, the game currently has 8 levels with 3 acts each, and now we are adding an epilogue - an Encore, if you will. The Encore will be included in the International Version, so Songs for a Hero will feature 9 levels with 3 acts each.

Anyway, if you have been following the game’s development (or maybe if you got to play the Brazilian Portuguese version), you might be interested to hear about the many updates that will be included with both the Brazilian Portuguese Version AND the International Version:

There’s the Encore, which is a whole new level with 3 acts, 4 original songs, 2 bosses and a quite unexpected non-playable character to tag along for the journey (and that’s all we’ll say because we don’t want to spoil the whole thing).

And if you thought the core game would not receive any more updates, you were wrong! Just take a look at this whole bunch of features:
  • More than a 100 new stanzas just for the core game alone. More than 200 new ones if you count the Encore (yeah, that’s a lot of singing);
  • The Musical Notes are not just for bragging rights! Collect just the right amount (we’re not spoiling how many) and new secrets will be unveiled;
  • New achievements for you to… hmm… achieve;
  • Many balance updates to the level design (totally worth a new playthrough);
  • Now you can use the hookshot while you jump! Because of that, the Hero can reach places he couldn’t before. If you’re into speedrunning, this is just the feature for you;
  • And now, for the most crucial of all questions: Can you pet the dog in Songs for a Hero? Well, no. But you can sing a song for the doggie, and it’s such a cute doggie, isn’t that great???

By this point, many of you might be wondering: “when can I get to play all this AND find this cute little doggie?”. Well, we are happy to announce that the International Version and the updates for the original version will be coming in late April. More precisely, April 30th.

BUT, if you can’t wait that long, there’s a sneak peak of some of these features currently in the game. No, we’re not telling you which feature. That’s a secret. But the entirely 100% full update comes out on the 30th, as well as the International Version with the full English localization. And if you still can’t get enough, take a look at this teaser for the Encore (portuguese only)!


[h3]You can try it right now for free on our Steam Store Page![/h3]