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FFXIV devs bring back old hairstyle, internet explodes

Final Fantasy XIV is once again making it rain for fans of extremely anime hair - and even as a fledgling FFXIV player, I'm confident in saying that everyone in this game is a fan of extremely anime hair. The rainmaker hairstyle is coming back, and players are very excited. Like, frighteningly excited.

For context, the rainmaker hairstyle was originally made available as part of the annual Make It Rain event. As near as I can tell - the specifics of this are poorly documented - rainmaker hair was available in the normal course of the event in 2017, and was then made available through the event shop in 2018. Starting with the 2019 Make It Rain event, however, rainmaker was gone. And unlike many event items, it was never made available in the real-money Mog Station store.

That's why it came as a pleasant surprise when the official FFXIV Twitter account announced that the rainmaker hair will return with the launch of patch 5.5, as a prize at the Gold Saucer. At last, the lengthy nightmare that bore so many Reddit posts is coming to a close.

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