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Sphere 3 News

21.02.2024 game update

Today, during the maintenance, the following changes were made to the game:

🔹The “Valentine’s Day” event has completed.
🔹The delay when raising craft resources has been eliminated.
🔹Client work has been optimized.

We wish you a pleasant game!

Multipliers schedule for upcoming week

Let your favorite game bring a good mood, and let the multipliers bring you a quick development!

In the near future you can fall under the good magic of rates:

✨20.02 — x2 craft
✨23.02 — x2 experience, x2 drop, x2 gold, x2 craft
✨24.02 — x2 gold
✨25.02 — x2 experience

Please note that the schedule may change during the week.

We wish you brilliant victories!

Higher chances for incrustation!

Do you know that feeling when you insert stones, but they just don't want to be placed? And if there are as many as six slots in a thing, then the whole process can be quite unnerving!

But not today!

Only today the rate is valid for you:
✨x1.5 to the chance of successfully inserting stones

Hurry up, stock up on the necessary selectors, grab fortification crystals for greater reliability and bolder into battle! This time you will definitely get lucky!

The multiplier will end in 24 hours.

Good luck!

Gift for the weekend

The weekend is here!

Casting a good mood buff on you and giving you something nice!

1) Copy this promo code into a special window in the "Gifts" section of the play store
2) Take something good in the magic chest
3) Done! You are gorgeous!


Hurry up, the promo code is active until next Wednesday!

Killer's hour

A black shadow silently appeared on the road leading into the city. Silently she slipped through the slightly open gate and disappeared among the houses. This is a Death Legion assassin who has come to take someone's life.
For centuries, the Legion's deadly Assassins have been harvesting, bringing death and collecting their bloody tribute.

This Saturday, the world of the Sphere will be filled with blood and the ominous laughter of Death itself, because the Hour of the Assassin will take place on the servers:
✨Servers "Prometheus" and Hyperion: from 21:00 to 22:00 (UTC+3 - Moscow time)
✨Server "Atlas": from 18:00 to 19:00 Saturday (UTC -3) (00:00 - 01:00 Sunday Moscow time)

Kill the most players during this time and become an honorary member of the Legion. The reward will not be long in coming:
🔹3 days of premium account
🔹2 rare duelist potions
🔹Scroll of Great Purification
🔹5 resurrection scrolls
🔹5 rank 2 strengthening crystals
🔹Powerful magic pen
🔹unique game title "Death Legionnaire"

All this will be yours!

Only unique kills of players level 15 and above will be counted. Killings on battlefields, sieges, arenas, etc. are also considered. Killing the same character multiple times does not count towards statistics. Results will be published within three working days after the event ends.

Join the mysterious brotherhood of assassins, or one day they will come for your soul!