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Field Report 48: Service Records Announcement

Service Records

In today’s field report, we are introducing a new upcoming community focused feature: Service Records. Service Records are the successor to the Company Tool and the next stage of the “Veterancy” update.

In the soon-to-be overhauled War of Rights website at: https://www.warofrights.com/ you’ll be able to login to your all-new Service Records profile using your Steam account in order to dive deep into your War of Rights stats, match history, rewards, seasonal leaderboards, units and more. Let’s take a closer look at how!
[h2]Profiles, Stat Tracking, Match History and Rewards[/h2]

Service Records are the central hub for showcasing your involvement in War of Rights. They provide a detailed history of your achievements, participation, and connection to the community.

Service Records will be available to view in-game and on our website.

All official matches will be recorded, with replays accessible to all. Your profile will keep a comprehensive history of your matches, enabling you to review statistics, analyze replays, and see details about participating players and units. To ensure fairness and prevent team swapping, you will be marked on whichever team you spent the most time on during the match. Additionally, a minimum playtime is required to be recognized as a match participant.

With Service Records, we will also be gradually rolling out new kinds of unlockables. This could be anything from Service Record specific rewards, such as profile pictures, borders and banners, to in-game rewards like additional character customization options, emotes, and more.

[h2]Leaderboards & Seasons[/h2]
With the introduction of Service Records, we are also rolling out leaderboards to enable players to compare progress and statistics. To ensure fairness and provide opportunities for all players, including newcomers, we will track progress across different seasons. This seasonal approach allows everyone a chance to compete effectively.

Top performers will receive end of season rewards to commend their commitment and accomplishments.

Units are the evolution of the Company Tool and serve as the central hub for each War of Rights regiment, company, or clan.

This feature allows your group to be managed effectively and tracks your collective progress as a unit in Service Records. By playing and collaborating as a unit, you can unlock additional rewards and content. Your unit will also be placed together on the leaderboards, allowing you to compare your teamwork skills against others.

Like your personal Service Record, the unit hub can also be customized by your unit leader with unlockables earned together as a unit.

Units have a range of new features compared to the Company Tool:
  • Level: Just like players, Units can play qualifying matches together to earn experience and increase in level signified by a special unit green wreath.
  • Automatic Tags: Customize your unit tags to automatically display on unit members' names in-game, with options to include their rank and unit number.
  • Ranks: Manage your unit members effectively by assigning ranks or groups within the unit. During events, you can configure settings to restrict members to their respective ranks.
  • Match History: Games played with a sufficient number of unit members will be recorded in your unit's match history. This will impact your unit’s statistics and position in the unit leaderboards. Passworded matches will also be recorded and marked specially as event games.
  • Unit Achievements: Collaborate within your unit to unlock achievements together.
  • Challenges: Your unit leader will be able to select from a pool of bi-weekly challenges which if completed collaboratively will reward both the unit and the participating players with service record and in-game unlockables.
  • And more…

We are committed to improving the gaming experience in War of Rights and addressing the ongoing issue of disruptive players. To achieve this, we are introducing a global ban system and an offense tracking mechanism.

Key changes will include:
  • Global Bans: Bans exclusively issued by developers will now apply across all servers, not just specific ones. Each ban will be permanently recorded on the player's profile and will impact their standing within the community. A record of when they were banned, for what reason and who by will be stored.
  • Offense System: After accumulating five bans (serious offenses), a player will face a permanent ban from the game, and will not be permitted on any server official or otherwise. Minor offenses can also be issued which are for minor infractions that don’t constitute a strike on your profile and while recorded won’t affect your profile standing.

    Community server admins are not able to issue any serious or minor offenses to anyone. Those are strictly developer issued strikes to the Service Records profile of the offender. Community server admins can continue to kick and ban on their server as they have been able to do up until now without any of those penalties showing up as any kind of offenses on the offender's Service Records profile.
  • Report Mechanism: We recognize that we can't be everywhere at once, so players will now have the ability to report others for inappropriate conduct. Our team will review these reports thoroughly.

Additionally, community server administrators will continue to have the authority to manage their own ban lists as they see fit.
[h2]Crowdfunding Rewards[/h2]

We recognize that our crowdfunding backers are eagerly awaiting their rewards. While all rewards won’t be fully available until we exit early access, we are taking steps now to begin fulfilling our commitments.

If you are one of our 14.414 crowdfunding backers (first off; thank you for supporting the development of the game at such an early point in time!), using the game key you received during the crowdfunding campaign you will soon be able to redeem rewards and link your pledge tier to your Service Records account.

[h2]Crowdfunder Cockades [/h2]

During the secession crisis and into the early months of the American Civil War, enthusiastic citizens in both the north and the south made a public display of their unwavering patriotism by fashioning cockades to adorn their jackets and caps. Cockades worn by the rank-and-file had likely become exceedingly rare by the Maryland Campaign of 1862, but we believe the cockade is the perfect icon to represent our player base’s “early volunteers,” the players of War of Rights who have been with us from the very beginning phases of development.

Additional rewards for your Service Record, which are yet to be announced, will also be provided.

Thank you for your patience and support as we work towards delivering all promised rewards.
[h2]Server Tokens[/h2]
As part of the service record update will come the previously announced introduction of self-hosting and community server tools. Alongside these developments, we are also introducing a new system known as server tokens.

Here's a quick refresher:
Server owners who wish to maintain standard Campfire Games content and balancing can request a token. Servers with these authorized tokens will have access to Service Records, match recording, progression systems, and will be officially listed in the server browser.

On the other hand, servers without tokens will have the flexibility to customize the game experience, including mods, balancing changes, and broader access to console variables. However, please note that matches on these servers will not be recorded under Service Records, nor will stats be progressed. They will also be marked as unofficial servers in the server browser.

Campfire Games will exercise its discretion in token distribution, and access may be revoked at any time for violations.

These changes are designed to provide both structure and freedom within our community, catering to a variety of player preferences.
[h2]Community Feedback[/h2]
We are excited to announce that Service Records represent our largest community-focused update yet. To ensure it meets the needs of both individual players and our larger communities, we are inviting community chosen representatives and regiment leaders to join us for a discussion and to hear your thoughts. This will help us tailor the update to provide the best possible experience.

Details about the discussion, including the date and how to receive an invitation, will be announced on the War of Rights Discord. In the meantime, we encourage you to continue sharing your ideas and suggestions in the designated channel on our community Discord.

Furthermore, to make sure every voice is heard you are also invited to fill out our survey on the upcoming Service Records HERE. We are not ready to announce an exact release date as we want to tailor this update to the community’s preferences, but you can expect it to release later this year.

Thank you for helping us make War of Rights even better!

[h3]- The Campfire Games Team[/h3]

Update 194: Networking Overhaul - Released!

[h3]Hello everyone,[/h3]

We're thrilled to announce the release of the 194th update for War of Rights today, with a major focus on enhancing overall server performance to future-proof the game. Additionally, we aim to broaden the selection and scope of available game server hosting options. War of Rights truly shines when immersing you in massive battles with hundreds of players on-screen. Therefore, we consistently strive to push boundaries, improving both client and server performance to increase the server player cap. The networking overhaul in Update 194 is another crucial step in our ongoing quest to support even larger battles.

[h2]Traversal : Phase 2[/h2]
Building upon the previous traversal update, which introduced climbing, knockdowns, and variable-height vaulting, the second phase of the traversal content brings two significant additions to the way your character moves through the world.

[h3]Deep Water Wading[/h3]

With deep water wading, water areas are no longer restricted from play. As your character enters the water, your options become more limited. Once the water depth reaches knee height, it becomes impossible to load your musket, as attempting such an action would wet your powder and render your weapon useless. As you venture deeper, your character raises the weapon gradually, holding it above their head to keep it and the powder dry. Consequently, you'll eventually lose the ability to aim, fire, engage in melee, or kneel when deep enough in the water. If you persist further, your character will begin to flail their arms in a desperate attempt to stay afloat and will eventually drown if you do not turn back.

While this will open up new avenues of approach on many maps, your movement will be severely impacted, and your ability to defend yourself will be diminished. Therefore, you will have to pick your routes carefully, lest you become target practice for the opposing team.

[h3]Falling & Fall Damage[/h3]

Another, and frankly overdue, addition with this update is falling and fall damage. Falling from a reasonable height will result in your character's death upon impact, and while falling, you will no longer be able to use your weapons or equipment. This also applies to hitting a surface of water at speed.

The traversal updates have been important milestones towards the community editor, eliminating some of the more burdensome aspects of level creation, such as placing vault areas, falling killzones or invisible walls to prevent water access. We want to ensure that when the editor goes live, the only limit is your creativity.

[h2]New Customizations[/h2]
Players enjoying the ability to customize their favorite regiments and batteries are likely to have a good time with Update 194 as it includes customization for 19 additional units as we continue to chip away at our target of making each and every single unit in the game customizable:

2nd South Carolina, 4th Alabama, 4th North Carolina, 4th Texas, 5th Alabama Battalion, 5th North Carolina, 5th Virginia, 8th Alabama, 9th Louisiana, 10th US Regulars, 12th New York Militia, 12th Ohio, 15th Massachusetts, 3rd Maryland, 5th New York, 6th Pennsylvania, 7th Maine, 7th Michigan and 9th Vermont.

[h2]Networking Improvements[/h2]
The network compression and serialization code was entirely rewritten in an effort to minimize bandwidth and CPU time required, while also fixing some hazards inherited from the default CRYENGINE networking. For example, previously, if a client were to send a message for an entity that was already being destroyed on the server, the client would have been kicked with a RMI:Entity error.

[h2]Voice Chat[/h2]
We've replaced the previous TeamSpeak voice chat integration with our own in-house system directly integrated into the game engine. This update offers several advantages: Player voices now seamlessly integrate with the game audio, subjecting voice chat to effects like interior reverb and suppression, resulting in a more immersive and consistent audio experience. Moreover, this update significantly reduces server and player bandwidth usage for voice chat. Additionally, the new system addresses some longstanding issues with most Bluetooth audio devices and also ensuring the correct detection and usage of audio devices.

[h2]Roadmap: Community Self-Hosted Servers[/h2]
We've invested significant effort in optimizing server performance for various reasons, not just to approach the possibility of accommodating more players per game server. Enhanced server performance now enables the game to maintain a good tick-rate with a high player count on a broader range of hardware.

We're excited to announce the upcoming release of community self-hosted dedicated servers. With this upcoming release to War of Rights, we will provide server tools that allow anyone to host a War of Rights server on hardware of their choosing. While we have been proud to partner exclusively with G-Portal since the early days of the development of War of Rights, providing centralized access to all servers for analytics, crash reports, and bug fixing, we are now confident in the game's stability, making centralized access no longer necessary.

To preserve the highly tailored and deliberate gameplay of War of Rights within community self-hosted servers, we will be implementing a server token system. Server owners desiring to maintain traditional Campfire Games authored content and balancing can request a token. Servers which hold authorized tokens have access to veterancy, achievements,other progression systems and special events along with being an official server listing on the server browser. Those opting for modified content or balancing are welcome to do so, but it's important to note that these servers will not be authorized for progression and will not be filtered by default on the server browser. Campfire Games will exercise its discretion in token distribution, and access may be revoked at any time for violations.

We'll keep you updated on any new developments regarding community servers, and rest assured, those who prefer to continue using G-Portal or any other third party server host provider can continue as usual!

[h2]Retiring The Company Tool[/h2]
A while back, we invited all of you to participate in a survey regarding the various features of “War of Rights” and your preferences towards them. We extend our gratitude to those who took part in the survey, as it greatly assisted us in restructuring tasks based on your likes and dislikes. The Company Tool, our antiquated and rudimentary attempt to effectively perform tasks now better handled by third-party web-based apps like Discord for player organizations such as clans/guilds/regiments, received significant negative feedback in the survey. Very few of you are utilizing it due to its extremely limited usability and lack of any connection to in-game mechanics. Therefore, we are announcing the shutting down of the Company Tool.

We have as of yet not set a final date for the closure of the Company Tool but it is likely to be closed without additional notice after the end of March. However, this does not mean that we have given up on integrating player organizations into the game. We are continually striving to improve and enhance organized play, and we will share more details about a successor to the Company Tool as development progresses.

[h2]Update 194 Patch Notes[/h2]
  • Rewrote the network compression and serialization code of the game in an effort to minimize bandwidth and maximize server hardware performance.
  • Added deep water wading and drowning to the game.
  • Implemented fall damage.
  • Integrated voice chat directly into the game instead of relying on a TeamSpeak plugin.
  • Added customization for 19 additional regiments: 2nd South Carolina, 4th Alabama, 4th North Carolina, 4th Texas, 5th Alabama Battalion, 5th North Carolina, 5th Virginia, 8th Alabama, 9th Louisiana, 10th US Regulars, 12th New York Militia, 12th Ohio, 15th Massachusetts, 3rd Maryland, 5th New York, 6th Pennsylvania, 7th Maine, 7th Michigan and 9th Vermont.
  • Updates to 72nd Pennsylvania uniforms to better match their real world counterpart.
  • Added a gray Georgia Depot shell jacket to the game.
  • Updated the M1832 artillery sword idle animations.
  • Updates to the movement animations while aiming a rifle.
  • Updated the farming wagon’s model and textures.
  • Added destructible shutters and doors to most farm buildings in the game.
  • Adjusted the walking animations while aiming with a bayoneted rifle while in melee mode.
  • Updated the exterior of Pry House.
  • Reworked the proxy of the stonewall model.
  • Fixed a hole in the Henry Rohrback barn model.
  • Fixed LOD popping on Dunker Church.
  • Added a 2nd standing and kneeling reloading animation when using the short rifles (Mississippis and Whitworths).
  • Fixed the missing textures of the rear doors of Otto Barn.
  • Updated the kneeling revolver animations.
  • Improved the end segment of the long and short rifle reload animations.
  • Fixed the Y-axis offset for Kepi LODs.
  • Bluetooth headsets when using VoIP should now be supported.
  • Improved Kepi LOD mesh.
  • Better facial hair LODs.
  • Updates to NCO insignias.
  • Various uniform details such as belts, sashes and insignias that have been invisible in the first person view are no longer hidden.
  • Shell jacket improvements.
  • Fixed R. Miller Spring House proxy.
  • Added falling animations.
  • Implemented various animations used when in water.
  • Various minor level updates.
  • Removed most of the invisible collision walls from the game now that deep water wading and falling damage are supported.
  • Corrections to the sprinting animations while carrying a rifle.
  • Updated the rifle melee club hit sounds.
  • Reduced the percentage of downvotes in a server from 10% to 7.5% required to trigger a demotion.
  • Reduced the percentage of mutes in a server from 10% to 7.5% required to trigger a global mute.
  • Increased the experience level that is required to reach before the officer class unlocks from 4 to 10.
  • Increased the experience level that is required to reach before the NCO class unlocks from 3 to 7.
  • Increased the experience level that is required to reach before the artillery branch unlocks from 2 to 5.

That’s all for now. We look forward to playing in the shallow end of the pool with you all!

[h3]- The Campfire Games Team[/h3]

Update 193: The Dead of Autumn - Released!

[h3]Hello everyone,[/h3]

Today, we’re happy to introduce base update 193 to the game as well as detail two soon to be released Autumn time limited events for War of Rights! It’s been a few months since the last game update was released, and so this one contains many fixes and additions to the game - as well as a few surprises.

Let’s start off by detailing the upcoming time limited events and then continue to dive into what is included in today’s update.

[h2]Autumnal Splendor - Limited Time Environment [/h2]

Just two days from now, come November 1st, Maryland will undergo a mesmerizing autumnal transformation for the fall season. The trees are shedding their leaves, painting the landscape in a vibrant symphony of oranges, reds, and golds. This enchanting metamorphosis, for the duration, will cover every map and mode, embracing the beauty of fall.

But that's just the beginning...

[h2]The Risen Dead of Antietam - Limited Time Event[/h2]

In this limited time 100-player event, 'The Risen Dead of Antietam,' Confederate and Union soldiers must band together to confront relentless hordes of over 400 risen dead in a cooperative and adrenaline-pumping experience. Teamwork is not merely encouraged, it's the key to your survival. As you face wave after wave of the undead, you'll need to rely on each other's unique skills and strengths to endure.

The core objective in this mode is to hold successive key points strategically, fending off the approaching zombie onslaught. Your team's ability to work in harmony is paramount, as these points represent the last line of defense against the encroaching undead.

Exclusive for this event is the introduction of the 'Torch Bearer' class, which adds a unique dynamic to the mode. In lieu of the flag bearer class, the ‘Torch Bearer’ is armed with a signal torch (specifically, a Flying Torch used by signal corps in the Civil War). In addition to serving as a remote spawn point (the only active one during a zombie wave), the 'Torch Bearer' is the literal guiding light of the team, crucial for spotting the incoming risen dead and preventing them from overwhelming your position.

'The Risen Dead of Antietam' features a variety of zombie types, each presenting distinct challenges. The undead range from fast and relentless, to slow but overwhelming in number. Your team will need to adapt and strategize accordingly.

This mode is the thrilling result of extensive research and development into AI navigation and behavior, which also functions as a necessary test intended for our highly anticipated addition of horses to War of Rights - and what better way to ‘enliven’ a boring stress test than in a way that promises both valuable data and a true test of your survival skills? A 'War of Frights', if you will.

This immersive zombie mode promises an unforgettable experience where teamwork, strategy, and the guiding light of the 'Torch Bearer' are the keys to your survival. Do you have what it takes to hold the line and withstand the relentless undead in 'The Risen Dead of Antietam'?

This limited time event represents a groundbreaking first for War of Rights and Campfire Games. To say it's a departure from our usual updates is a vast understatement. We are extremely eager to hear your thoughts and sincerely appreciate all feedback!

Join in on the spooky autumn fun come November 1st at the moment both events go live by tracking the traditional main menu countdown timer signaling the events’ commencement!

[h2]Character Customization Improvements & Losable Hats[/h2]

In this update, we have enhanced and expanded character customization for your character's head. Players can now finely adjust age, eye color, hair, and the newly introduced skin tone using sliders. Additionally, you can toggle the hat on and off for a better view of your character.

Skin tone and age will also influence other visual aspects of your character. If you increase your character’s age, his hair will naturally lighten and whiten. Moreover, selecting a slightly darker skin tone also will impact eye color and hair.

These changes also enable hats to become dislodged during battles. Any dramatic experiences the player encounters, such as being knocked down, can result in their hat being knocked off. To save on server performance, unfortunately you cannot pick them back up.

[h2]Procedural Dirt and Blood[/h2]

In today’s update, we're also immersing you in a new way as blood and mud collect on characters as battles unfold. No longer will character dirtiness be statically assigned during customization and at spawn. Instead, it will dynamically accumulate dirt, blood, and debris based on your in-game experiences.

For instance, trudging through deep mud will muck up your trousers and brogans, while taking a tumble in the mud will cover your entire character in grime. And when it rains, nature will lend a hand by washing the blood and dirt away.

This transformation necessitates extensive changes to our asset setup. As a result, this feature will initially be available on specific clothing items, with a gradual rollout planned for the rest of our assets over the upcoming months.

[h2]Destruction - Doors[/h2]

This update also brings further enhancement to our environmental destruction. Doors are now included in our growing list of destructible objects. In past interior combat scenarios, players could exploit doors for unrealistic protection from attackers by keeping them closed. This is no longer the case. Doors can now be broken down using artillery, small arms, and melee attacks - such as those made by the undead!. Doors will go through various destruction states, becoming more mangled, and soldiers hiding behind them become increasingly vulnerable to small arms fire at each stage of destruction.

As this is the initial implementation of the feature, not all doors will be destructible at once in this update. Expect to see more and more doors become destructible throughout the next few updates.

[h2]Quality of Life Improvements[/h2]

In response to community feedback, long-awaited relief is on the way for 'T' spammers. In this update, we're introducing the ability to customize the game information elements that are displayed. You can choose from three settings:
  • Timer: This maintains the current behavior, appearing for a few seconds when pressing 'T.'
  • Always: The element will always be visible.
  • Never: Ideal for those seeking full immersion, as it prevents the visual aid from appearing at all."

For instance, you can now configure player name tags to remain visible regardless of whether you press the HUD display button. Furthermore, you have the ability to adjust the duration for which a chat message remains on the screen when a message is sent.

[h2]Update 193 Patch Notes[/h2]
  • Added 10 artillery battery crews to the character customizer: Cooper, Edgell, Stewart, Cook, Richardson, Miller, Squires, Pelham, Balthis and Brockenbrough.
  • Fixed several character issues including artillery items, kepi materials, incorrect insignias, shirt textures and beard vertex normals.
  • Updated the straw hat geometry.
  • Added additional shirts and trousers for the 1st LA.
  • Added destructible doors.
  • Added more facial customization settings in the character customization menu.
  • Hats can now get knocked off of soldiers during knockdowns.
  • Added procedural blood and mud buildup on characters.
  • Updated the kepi and braids for the US sharpshooters.
  • Added feather options for the hats of the 6th WI.
  • Fixed inconsistencies with the sun angles across all of the levels in the game, resulting in longer and more interesting shadows at noon throughout the game but especially at South Mountain.
  • Resolved several animation issues tied to performing an action while at the double quick or charge speed such as aiming a revolver, entering right shoulder shift, stabbing with a bayonet and clubbing with the rifle butt that would result in a lot of tiny and very quick steps taken by the character.
  • Fixed the revolver’s idle animation, causing it to dip down towards the waist of the character each time movement was initiated.
  • Fixed officer haversack clipping through the baldric.
  • Fixed the Sgt. Major NCO rank of the 14th TN not having an NCO sword.
  • Added 1st VA cavalry, 2nd MD and 2nd WI infantry to the character customizer.
  • Added double breasted frock coats as an option in the character customizer for all CSA officers.
  • Made the text on the credits page white.
  • Updated the terrain shader of the game, resulting in us being able to seamlessly blend between detail terrain textures and distance terrain textures without any of the distance terrain texture colours bleeding into the detail terrain textures. In short: more colour accurate textures up close.
  • Updated the grass detail terrain texture.
  • Fixed the normals of the herringbone and concrete sidewalks of Harpers Ferry to eliminate any ugly seams.
  • Made the stone wall around the Mumma graveyard slightly slimmer so that it is consistently vaultable.
  • Added a new opened variation to the North Carolina Sack Coat and updated the skinning of the NC sack coat.
  • Fixed undershirts clipping with the open jackets.
  • Standing in close proximity to the muzzle or on top of the barrel of a cannon while it fires will now cause a knockdown and damage to your health.
  • Added several new settings in the gameplay options menu related to the in-game HUD such as always-on player names, text chat and compass/morale states. Also added a chat message display timer setting to prolong/shorten the duration that the chat is shown.
  • Overhauled the quartermaster wagon models of the game.
  • Added the following flags: 89th New York National Colors, 30th Ohio Infantry National Colors, and 1st Virginia Cavalry standard. The 1st Virginia cavalry flag is based upon a September 1862-dated eye-witness sketch by Alfred R. Waud. The sketch is now held by the Library of Congress.The 6th Wisconsin National colors have been revised to more closely match the surviving artifact, with thanks to the archivists of the Wisconsin Veterans Museum for their kind assistance.
  • Added regimental drums for the 4th Alabama Infantry, Hampton's Legion Infantry, 30th Virginia Infantry, 20th New York Infantry, 30th and 36th Ohio Infantry regiments.
  • Fixed the Pry barn door LODs.
  • Fixes to the R. Miller Tenant house model.
  • Fixed the Henry Rohrback farmhouse’s attic glitch.
  • Updates to the time of day settings, resulting in slightly less pitch black house interiors at night.
  • Minor Piper slave house scene fixes on the Antietam and Drill Camp levels.
  • Updated the Washington artillery hat insignias.
  • Adjusted the red colour on artillery uniforms.
  • Changed the material of the artillery gauntlets.
  • Fixed incorrect collar insignia for some of the double breasted frock coats in the character customizer.
  • Added a new backend master server separate from Steam’s server tools to more reliably populate all of the online servers within the server browser of the game. Once mass tested and verified to be working as intended, this new backend master server will replace Steam’s version.
  • Completely overhauled the main menu backend code to be much more modular and thus futureproof.
  • Implemented the first iteration of the new server browser, designed to offer up more information of each listed server.
  • Motion vectors for DLSS & TAA are now more accurate, requiring no more intermediate format to work with motion blur, reducing rounding errors.
  • Forward rendering and post effects are now able to sample sun shadow information past the first 4 shadow cascades.
  • Fixed an issue with glass materials resulting in them rendering through volumetric fog.

That’s all for now. We look forward to joining you all on the soon-to-be autumnal clad fields of glory!

[h3]- The Campfire Games Team[/h3]

Update 192: Optimizations & Fixes - Released!

[h3]Hello everyone,[/h3]

Today’s War of Rights alpha update is a relatively small one but we thought it best to get it to you all as soon as possible as it contains a few rather nice improvements, fixes and additions to the game.

[h2]Update 192 Patch Notes[/h2]

  • Further optimized the game code, this time focusing on instancing the character attachments such as hats and bayonets as well as improved the river renderer efficiency, resulting in upwards of 30% performance improvements at isolated moments in the game such as when looking at the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers of Harpers Ferry.
  • Recapturing the point in skirmishes while overtime and counter attack is active should no longer result in a faulty end of the game round.
  • Added 4 new customizable units to the game: 1st and 2nd US Sharpshooters, 1st North Carolina Sharpshooters and 1st Virginia Battalion. These will now also be available at random in the Conquest, Contention and Picket Patrol game modes.
  • Fixed the artillery round smoke trails sometimes appearing to be wildly zig-zagging.
  • Fixed the 1st person camera jolts when returning to shoulder arms.
  • Tweaked the sunset lighting and sky colour for a more realistic look.
  • Getting headshot before entering the spectating camera should no longer result in VoIP being muted until you spawn back into the game.
  • Added the regimental flag of the 17th Michigan.
  • Added the national flag of 1st North Carolina Sharpshooters.
  • Updated the 14th North Carolina national flag, now matching surviving artifact.
  • Added the national flag of the 39th New York.
  • Added a regimental drum for the 39th New York.
  • Added the regimental flag of the 1st Virginia Battalion.
  • Fixed the flag snapping out of the hands of the flag bearer in 3rd person as he turns around.
  • Fixed the bigger Pry Barn doors being locked.
  • Fixed up all of the victory scenes of the Skirmishes game mode to once again include musicians.
  • The Mumma graveyard stonewall is now vaultable.
  • Added the flag of the selected flag bearer to the deployment screen.
  • Fixed the wrong rank, weapon and secondary weapon sometimes being shown on the deployment screen.

That's all for today's update. See you on the fields of glory!

[h3]- The Campfire Games Team[/h3]

Update 191: Optimizations, Hair Overhauls & Anti Troll Measures - Released!

[h3]Hello everyone,[/h3]

Today, we’re happy to be bringing you another alpha update to War of Rights! Update 191 primarily features a sizable processor usage optimization pass within the game, resulting in up to a 20% overall FPS gain between update 190 and update 191 if you happen to be bottlenecked by your CPU in your setup.

Other notable features of update 191 include a complete hair and facial hair overhaul for much improved character-details, especially up close. This addition also paves the way for future character specific updates.

Lastly, we’d like to highlight a few new anti troll measures making their way into the game; carried flags and artillery rounds will now drop to the ground if a player disconnects while carrying them, thus making it much harder to disrupt flag bearer or battery play.

The update also includes several quality of life additions, tweaked rainy weather environment visuals as well as numerous bug fixes. For a complete list please read the patch notes below.

[h2]Update 191 Patch Notes[/h2]
  • Optimized the CPU usage of the game by a considerable amount:
  • Benchmark results in update 190: 84 FPS
  • Benchmark results in update 191: 105 FPS
  • Overhauled all of the hair and facial hairstyles in the game for much improved details up close.
  • Disconnecting from the server while carrying a flag will now drop the flag at your last position.
  • Artillery rounds will now be dropped on the ground when artillerists are killed or disconnected while carrying one.
  • Knockdowns caused by artillery rounds now result in varying lengths of recovery: the closer to the round going off you are, the longer duration the resulting knockdown will last.
  • Knockdowns now cause suppression at a varying degree.
  • Small caliber rounds such as pistol rounds and the buckshot pellets in buck and ball loads are no longer lethal at extreme ranges. Instead, they are lethal up to a distance of roughly 40 yards and will then gradually lose the damage caused per additional yard traveled. The ball contained in buck and ball loads remains lethal (however inaccurate) at long range.
  • Implemented a potential fix for some of the instances where a user’s level would be falsely shown as 1.
  • Fixed the wobbling soldier animation issue.
  • Fixed a glitch caused by picking up a dropped flag while reloading your musket resulting in a ghost flag spawn point on the terrain.
  • Added the remaining missing weapon images to the class selection and deployment UI menus.
  • Added support for more letters and symbols in the game chat and name tags.
  • Optimized the main menu of the game.
  • Added an additional grass type to the game.
  • Updated the lingering smoke particle effect and increased its visibility and lifetime for added immersion on the battlefields.
  • Updated the bullet trail, bullet water impacts and artillery round trail particle effects.
  • Updates to the R. Miller Tenant house model.
  • Fixed the broken texture on twigs.
  • Updated the Mumma graveyard stonewall model.
  • Several minor fixes to Pry grist mill, Piper barn, R. Miller spring house and Pry barn models.
  • Updated the model of the Sherrick summer kitchen.
  • Hand fixes for various artillery animations.
  • Updates to the visuals of the rainy weather environment: the terrain will now darken much more realistically as it gets wet.
  • Darkened the name tags of the players that are not within your company to easier be able to tell them apart at a glance. This setting can be disabled in the gameplay options menu.
  • Coloured the name tags of your Steam friends green in order to be able to easily meet up in-game. We suspect this addition is going to be useful for new players in particular who will now have the chance to be green in more ways than one! This setting can be disabled in the gameplay options menu.

That's all for today's update. See you on the fields of glory!

[h3]- The Campfire Games Team[/h3]