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Mann O' War Tournament

(Image credit: SFM - kevin supermarket, Typesetting/Compositing/Logo/Banner SFM - Requim, Feedback - agrastiOs, happyrain, Shippy, Banner Paintover - YLR)

Fall in, men! As the sun creeps over the foggy horizon, so does the adrenaline of war! You know the rules: last one alive, lock the door!

Fortress Faceoffs is prepared to kick off 2023 with Mann O' War, a new all-inclusive event (and they don't just mean skill level)! In this battle, you and four friends may assign yourselves to any of the nine positions a mercenary can occupy! Prove that your team knows war like no other by topping the Group Stage in the tournament bracket, then proceed to the prestigious Top 16! Though you may have already gotten used to senseless violence without benefit, there is a new art of war that Sun Tzu has yet to consider: MONEY!

With the brand-new, state-of-the-art implementation of VScript, the impossible has just been made possible! For each kill confirmed during your enlisting, you gain a cash reward in return! Put these ferocious funds to use at the upgrade stations inside your spawn rooms and enhance your armaments with the same power-ups used to blast steel into shrapnel for the last 10 years (except now, it's more like blasting guts into gibs)!

Sign up today and tell your friends to mention your name for a referral bonus, which will be awarded to each team member in the form of a raffle ticket to fight a silverback gorilla!* The games begin on May 7th @ 11:59 PM / 23:59 BST for all regions and will continue for roughly 2 weeks, though you do NOT have to actively participate this long! The top 8 teams will progress to make live history as leaders command their squadrons to certain victory... or more likely, death! For more information about event rules, prizes, and more, join the Fortress Faceoffs Discord and bring your shiniest badges of honor from home since they do not have any right now!

*Gorilla not included as potential event prize opportunity - they have all been mysteriously exterminated by an unknown maniac. This has instead been replaced by a variety of event-themed in-game items.

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