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Update 9.8

[h2]The Quick Commands Wheel[/h2]
Quick and smooth teamwork is what it takes to KEEP CALM AND WIN epic victories. It's high time to improve our quick commands. The first step is to update the way they look and how they are sent. Icons have become clearer while the commands are now grouped more logically. These updates have resulted in faster team coordination.

[h3]On touch devices[/h3]
  • Place the quick commands wheel button on the screen where it's best for you.
  • Tap once on the quick commands wheel button to send the "Attack!" command.
  • Aim at a specific tank and tap once on the quick commands wheel button to let your allies know that you are going to attack this target.
  • Tap and hold the quick commands wheel button, then select an icon you need to send out any other command.
[h3]On PC[/h3]
  • Click the quick commands wheel button and move your mouse as needed to send out quick commands. Forget about hot keys. 😉
  • You can also send quick commands the old-fashioned way using Ctrl.

You will learn the new controls in no time, and all your movements will become instinctive. And this is just the beginning as we are planning to roll out new commands to bring team coordination in battle to a whole new level!

[h2]Balance Changes[/h2]
[h3]Bisonte C45[/h3]
  • The lower glacis plate armor was increased from 25 to 55 mm.
[h3]T34 and T34 (1776)[/h3]
  • Engine power was increased from 810 to 880 hp.
  • The turret's front armor was enhanced from 178 to 187 mm.
[h2]Legendary Camouflage[/h2]
The camo selection menu has been updated with Konung for the Strv K, Sandsturm for the Tiger (P), D-Gunner for the T28 Defender, Chronos for the Object 268 Version 4 and Eagle for the E 75 TS.

New Legendary camos will be offered to the owners of these tanks:
  • the hi-tech Futuro for WZ-132-1
  • the daring Runner for Bat.-Châtillon 25 t
  • the armor-plated Turtle for T95
  • the extremely hazardous H-Combat for T34
  • the racing Breakneck for Ru 251
  • the woodland Tarnkappe for Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger

[h2]Improvements and Fixed Bugs[/h2]
  • The following tanks, along with their Legendary camos, have been updated to a new graphics quality: E 75 and Garm, Progetto M40 mod. 65 and Gladiator, and Vickers Mk. E Type B.
  • You can now listen to music right in the Garage. Adjust the volume in Settings/ Other/ Music Volume.
  • A player's position on the rating battles leaderboard has been added to their profile and the rating stats screens.
  • Vehicle research progress has been added to the second battle results screen.
  • Replay recording is now enabled by default.
  • Areas where vehicles became stuck were fixed, and the models of buildings and objects were adjusted for some maps.
  • Ambient sounds in battle have been improved for mobile devices.
  • Various screens, descriptions, and notifications have also been improved.
  • General bugs and client crashes have been fixed.