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Rating Battles in May

The last month of Spring in rating battles! In other words, your last chance to get the Lorraine Fearless. Fight from May 3 to May 26 to make sure you have this beast in your collection! Along with a ton of resources, avatars, and camos...


Keep on earning Coins in rating battles! You'll receive them each time you win in the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Leagues. The sky's the limit! More wins mean more Coins.

Each victory will bring you:
  • 5 Coins in the Gold League
  • 7 Coins in the Platinum League
  • 10 Coins in the Diamond League

You can spend Coins on bundles in the Store. Including one with the cool Rating Indicator attachment! Check the Esports tab!

[h2]The Т49 Fearless for Winning the Tournament[/h2]

You've been the lucky owner of the Lorraine Fearless for a while now, right? It's now time to rush into battle and claim a new tank — the T49 Fearless! It'll be awarded to each region's 1v1 tournament winner. To participate in the tournament, you should be among the top 28 players of the May rating battles. The tournament will take place on May 28 and 29.

[h2]Battle Schedule in May[/h2]
  • Europe: May 3 to May 26, 23:59 (CEST)
  • North America: May 3 to May 26, 16:59 (PT) / 19:59 (ET)
  • APAC: May 3 to May 27, 7:59 (UTC+8)