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GTFO PATCH NOTES - 2023-05-09

Prisoners, we have a new patch for you, fixing bugs with ALT://Rundown 4.0 Contact, released on the 27th of April.

  • Fixed bug where High Caliber Pistol did not fully reload
  • Fixed bug where R4A1 incorrectly indicated there was an audio log
  • Fixed bug where the Tutorial expedition didn’t use the Burst Sentry
  • Fixed bug where a Cell could spawn in the wall
  • Fixed some incorrectly formatted logs
  • Fixed a missing wall in the Data Center
  • Adjusted R4E1 Secondary Scan location
  • Fixed bug where ‘SMC Cut model I’, ‘STRP Pack Mule’, and ‘D-Tek Compact WM were not displaying correctly

We are also adding the KOVAC PRAESIDIO variant backpack as an extra drop for everyone, as thanks for your patience with the cosmetic problems we had at release. Available now and until 30th May 23:59 UTC. Clear any expedition to grab it.

GTFO is still 30 % off until the 11th of May so grab your friends who were still hesitant when rundowns were rotated out with every new release. GTFO will only grow from here.

GTFO PATCH NOTES - 2023-04-28

After yesterday's release, we noticed that players that had played every expedition and additional layers since Rundown 6.0 DESTINATION, through ALT://Rundown 1-3 weren't getting cosmetic rewards for their new clears. This has now been fixed.

ALT://Rundown 4.0 Contact out now!

It is time to assemble your team and head down into the Complex – ALT://Rundown 4.0 Contact is out now. This includes the extension, bringing the total number of added expeditions for your friends to suffer in to twelve. Spanning from A to E tier, this rundown also introduced layers to test your team’s skill and endurance further. You’re going to need every ounce of it.

[h2]PATCH NOTES[/h2]
  • Added ALT://Rundown 4.0 Contact with 12 Expeditions

  • Raptus Steigro HEL Autopistol
  • Rad Labs Meduza Auto Sentry

Precision Rifle
  • Slightly reduced reload time
Burst Cannon
  • Slightly reduced ammo
  • Slightly reduced damage
  • Increased Recoil
Shotgun Sentry
  • Slightly increased ammo
  • Slightly increased Biotrack symbiosis ammo
Machinegun (low RPM)
  • Slightly increased shot delay
  • Significantly increased damage
  • Reduced ammo
  • Significantly increased shell casing size
  • Slightly reduced charge-up time
  • Slightly increased recoil
Regular Machinegun
  • Significantly increased stagger damage multiplier
Combat Shotgun
  • Increased ammo
Heavy Assault Rifle
  • Reduced recoil
  • Slightly decreased shot delay
  • Slightly increased charge-up time
  • Slightly reduced ammo
  • Slightly reduced reload time
  • Slightly reduced reload time
Sniper Rifle
  • Slightly increased ammo
High Cal Pistol
  • Increased ammo
HEL Autopistol
  • Changed to HEL, bullets now pierce one enemy

ALT://Rundown 4.0 Contact releases this week!

Your accomplishment during ALT://Rundown 3.0 The Vessel hasn’t gone unnoticed. The many failed attempts are silver lined by the few but important successes, and we are ready to initiate the next rundown protocol later this week. ALT://Rundown 4.0 Contact releases on the 27th of April, 13:00 CEST / 7:00 AM EST.

There is no need to stress about not clearing ALT://Rundown 3.0 and getting that sweet mask for completing all the expeditions. Since the release of the first alternative rundown, nothing is rotated out from GTFO, and the number of available challenges only grows.

GTFO PATCH NOTES - 2023-03-23

We have a small patch for you and to be clear, the employee in the Complex that keeps messing around with the log files has been reprimanded.

[h2]BUG FIXES[/h2]
  • Fixed bug where ALT://R3D1 had a missing audio log

Don't forget that full completion of ALT://Rundown 3.0 The Vessel rewards you with Kovac Typhoon Model 1 helmet and the everlasting feeling of accomplishment. There is no stress though as Rundowns are no longer rotated out when a new one releases, which means that there are currently a total of four Rundowns available for you to suffer in.