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V1.6.7 - Multiplayer Beta & August Frontier

Hi everyone!

[h2]Multiplayer Beta[/h2]
If you've always wanted to play The Colonists against your friends then good news, multiplayer is coming! There's a beta now available for anyone to try, just switch to the 'multiplayer' beta on Steam. The beta is still in development and is currently PvP only. Co-op modes along with further gameplay tweaks to be added soon. Please let me know any comments, feedback or bug reports in our Discord server or to [email protected] - thanks!

[h2]August Frontier[/h2]
This month the brewery bots have gotten creative and brewed up a special concoction - chocolate stout! This beer is so powerful it can power L3 miners and lumberjacks instead of L3 Energy. It's a race to mine and sell salt, quartz and gold - good luck!

[h2]Featured Workshop Maps[/h2]
Here are this month's five specially selected player-created maps - go check them out and let the creators know if you enjoyed them!

Impact Site by Stenny127 7Ups - 7 Golden Tickets by 7up Season 3 by Omodox Stranger Danger by giffen Geolocus by SeniorSpooky

[h2]V1.6.7.3 Release Notes[/h2]
  • Fixed a savegame not loading properly if a wheat field had previously burned due to territory loss and had not been removed
  • Keycodes Mouse2-Mouse6 (extra mouse buttons) now supported in custom hotkey window
  • Added custom upload image option added for custom maps as alternative to screenshotting the map
  • Fixed two field vegetables not matching farmbot visuals when returning to vegetable farm
  • [Modding] Now supports a higher number of custom textures (internal atlas sheet can now go beyond 4196x4196)
  • [Modding] Now supports custom expeditions
  • August Frontier
  • [V1.6.7.1] Fixed No Icon showing up on Storage Yard resource selection panel
  • [V1.6.7.1] Changed August frontier description to include Space Port limit change
  • [V1.6.7.2] Fixed frontier bug when a chocolate stout resource was produced and a L2/L3 residence had a demand waiting
  • [V1.6.7.2] Chocolate Stout now shows up as separate resource in bottom left resource list
  • [V1.6.7.3] Fixed fish icons in map editor

If you'd like to give some feedback on the game, discuss frontier strategies or experiment with mods then head over to our Discord Server. Thanks to everyone there for their continued testing and feedback! 🚀

V1.6.6 - July Frontier

Hi everyone!

[h2]July Frontier[/h2]
This month's frontier is all about mega powerful monuments! Each monument has a 4x increase to their boosts to super-charge nearby bots. Your colony ship also comes with the resources for a small monument so use that early boost wisely!

[h2]Featured Workshop Maps[/h2]
Amongst this month's five new featured custom maps a special shoutout goes to 7up who's modded in some excellent new buildings and resources in their Willy Wonka themed map - check it out!

[h2]V1.6.6 Release Notes[/h2]
  • July Frontier
  • Fixed a few recent Workshop maps not playing correctly
  • Fixed custom plot growth tooltips
  • Added filter for available mod selection
  • [Modding] Custom space port ships now supported

Thanks again to everyone on the Discord Server for all their continued suggestions and feedback! 🚀

If you do find a bug or have an issue please use Bug Reporting information page.

Back with more news soon!

V1.6.5 - June Frontier

Hi everyone!

[h2]June Frontier[/h2]
A new month means a new frontier! This month's frontier shakes your early strategies up as L1 residences produce Energy twice as fast and lumberjack huts use twice as much. Upgraded roads work twice as well though so good luck!

[h2]Multiplayer Beta[/h2]
Good news if you've always wanted to play The Colonists with or against your friends, we'll be announcing a multiplayer open beta soon, keep your eyes out!

[h2]Featured Workshop Maps[/h2]
Here are five more excellent Steam Workshop maps from players - a mix of old and new, peaceful and military.

[h2]V1.6.5 Release Notes[/h2]
  • June Frontier
  • Fixed fog of war not applying to fixed scenario games where it should (custom maps)
  • Fixed proximity boost UI panel bug
  • Fixed [Tab]bing through building levels
  • Fixed selected map panel disappearing when subscribing to a Featured map
  • [Modding] Special storage component now supports startingItems going beyond outgoing storage limit

Huge appreciation to everyone on Discord Server for all their ongoing testing and feedback! 🚀

If you do find a bug or have an issue please use Bug Reporting information page.


V1.6.4.3 Hotfix

  • Fixed occasional issue with construction button not responding when starting level
  • Fixed specific version-related load game issue
  • Fixed close button on expedition selection panel

V1.6.4.1 - May Frontier

Hi everyone!

[h2]May Frontier[/h2]
A new month means a new frontier! This month's frontier brings a new twist - all mines only require Level 1 Energy and there are natural resources everywhere. Plan your strategy and build that large monument as fast as you can!

[h2]Featured Workshop Maps[/h2]
Here are this month's five great Steam Workshop maps that you can also find in-game under Custom Maps - a mix of old and new, peaceful and military. We'll feature five more next month!

[h2]Steam Workshop Embeddable Mods[/h2]
When creating custom maps you can now embed mods as well as linking to existing Workshop ones, so it's now a whole bunch easier to create maps with your own custom settings and content!

For more information on making mods check out the Community Wiki

[h2]V1.6.4.1 Release Notes[/h2]
  • May Frontier
  • Local mods are now embedded in custom maps and will upload along with the map when published to Steam Workshop
  • Fixed AI building excessive storage yards
  • Rebuilt terrain overlay graphic system for modability and improved performance
  • Added ability to set a market resource to be sell only or purchase only in market.json
  • Added ability to set players starting money with players.json
  • Added ability to easily set preresearched tech in techs.json
  • Reworked boat expedition code for future updates

Thanks to everyone on Discord for their support & ongoing feedback! 🚀

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