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Upcoming Patreon Beta

Hello everyone,

We're almost ready to release the 13.0 "Refracted Reality" update! Before we publish it, we will be hosting a beta version for our Patreons, starting in April.

Not only will players have access to new features and improvements, but the lighting system has been completely overhauled. This completely changes the atmosphere of the game, giving players a whole new experience.

The 13.0 ‘Refracted Reality’ Patreon beta will be available from April 3rd until April 30th. Zone Manager Patreons (and above) will have exclusive access until April 20th, at which point the beta threshold will be lowered to the ‘Major Scientist’ tier.

Thank you for being a valued part of our community. We are eager to hear your thoughts on the upcoming features!

To subscribe to our Patreon and gain access to the beta, please visit: https://www.patreon.com/HubertMoszka

Please note that Patreon refreshes at the start of each month.

Unity 2021 and HDRP - Our progress since the last update!


This post was initially exclusive to our Patreon Supporters. Originally published in late February, the post is dedicated to detailing the progress our team has made since the last update. We hope that this will excite you all for our upcoming 13.0 update!

If you'd like to gain access to exclusive Patreon content, please consider subscribing at the link below.
Northwood Studio's Patreon


After the Programming team took a short break to celebrate two successful releases, Northwood launched directly into a major technical project, as well as a variety of minor/Quality of Life (QoL) features. Today, we’ll be taking a deeper look into our ongoing technical project, as well as demonstrating a couple of new features coming in the next patch.

Unity 2021 and HDRP

Continuing the ongoing tradition of refactoring a major system for every update, our Programming team wanted to update the version of Unity SCP: SL runs on, whilst also changing the Render Pipeline we use. This is a massive project, as these two programs combined affect every part of the game — updating our engine. This means every mechanic is at risk of breaking and visual components dictated by the Render Pipeline are required to be updated and edited.

Below, I’ll briefly discuss, in simple terms, Unity 2021 and Render Pipelines, explaining specifically why we decided to update both, along with some practical examples.

Unity is the engine that powers SCP: SL. Being our game engine, it defines exactly what we can and cannot do, and provides us with tools that allow us to develop high-quality games. Unity releases a Long Term Support (LTS) product every year. These releases include four years of security fixes, but are otherwise considered ‘feature-complete’. Our current Unity version, 2019.4 LTS, no longer receives any security patches, which presents an immediate problem. Unity 2019.4 simply lacks a vast amount of features compared to other, modern game engines, like Unity 2021 LTS or Unreal 4/5.
With this in mind, we chose to update our Unity version to the 2021 LTS. We want to use the latest LTS build exclusively, for stability purposes and plugin/addon support. Unity has yet to release a 2022 LTS.

The Render Pipeline is responsible for taking every element in a Unity project and displaying them on your screen. At a basic level, the Render Pipeline is responsible for rendering, culling, and post-processing. In Unity 2019.4, the only practical option available to our developers is an older variant of the ‘Built-In Pipeline’. It isn’t expandable or properly supported; it lacks a variety of modern features, can be notably slow, and older versions are moderately CPU-bound.
Now that we’re moving to a newer version of Unity, we have the option to switch to a Scriptable Render Pipeline. We’ve specifically decided to use the ‘High-Definition Render Pipeline’, or HDRP, as it offers a variety of interesting tools, whilst also being tuned for maximum graphical fidelity (which we’ll demonstrate later). This pipeline offers proper support for modern RTX GPUs, meaning that players on high-end PCs will see a performance increase. In summary, we’re excited about this change because of the boundless opportunities it allows.

Now that we’ve covered the basic technical information surrounding engine updates and Render Pipelines, let’s answer the important question — what does this mean to you, the player? There’s two types of benefits associated with these updates: short and long term.
I’ll start off by showing you an image of the entrance to SCP-173’s Containment Chamber. The first image uses the old lighting system on our current Unity version. The second image utilises the new post-processing, ambient occlusion, and lighting systems introduced by the HDRP pipeline.

These images were taken in a development build of the game from February, and may not represent the final product. Note the altered placement of lights, as well as a couple of new environmental props.

For reference, the second image is not using any of the tools we’ll be looking at potentially implementing in the future, such as Ray Tracing, Baked Lighting, or any long-term fine-tuning of our post-processing systems. This was completed by our Art team in just a few hours.

If you’re not sold by these images alone, here’s some more renders created by our art team. This is just a small preview of what is to come. Remember - everything shown here is still a work in progress.

These images are still WIP, and are subject to change. These are just a few examples of what’s coming, we’ll hold onto pictures of our other rooms for now.

The next thing HDRP offers for a better lighting system is a realistic shadow and reflection system. In practice, this means player shadows will be visible when walking near lights, which potentially allows sneaky players some advance notice of what might be lurking around the next corner. Additionally, held items will now properly reflect light sources, adding more depth to our models.

Our goal isn’t necessarily to make everything darker, but to create a more realistic lighting setup instead, which allows for contrast between spaces. In the current live branch, the only times where there is any real shift in lighting appears in the form of a new room, or after SCP-079 Blackout.

Regarding long-term benefits, HDRP and Unity’s new tools offer us access to new technologies which can be implemented in the future. Namely, HDRP allows us to use tools like Ray Tracing and Baked Lighting to further improve the visual fidelity of SCP: SL. Updating our Unity version gives us access to Volumetric Clouds, the built-in 2021 decal system, and a variety of other tools designed to monitor and debug performance issues.

Overall, many of the new tools our programmers and artists can use will allow for smoother development in future updates. A new Unity version means that a plethora of editor-only bugs have been fixed, and new developer tools such as Shader Graphs simplify the more challenging parts of developing SCP: SL

We hope that you’re excited for these technical updates!

Changes to The Jailbird

The Jailbird has undergone a few changes for this update.

First, let's discuss the process of obtaining The Jailbird in-game. Previously, players were only able to obtain The Jailbird through SCP-2536’s (the Christmas tree) presents in our Christmas 2022 update, which has since been transferred over to a Remote Admin item exclusively. Included in this upcoming update, The Jailbird will now have its own SCP-914 recipes that players are able to acquire. This also includes other special weapon upgrade paths, similar to the 3-X Particle Disruptor and the Micro H.I.D.

- The Micro H.I.D. on the ‘Coarse’ setting will now have a 50/50 chance to return either The Jailbird or a 3-X Particle Disruptor.

- The Jailbird and the 3-X Particle Disruptor can now be refuelled on the ‘Fine’ setting, similar to Micro H.I.D.

- Both the 3-X Particle Disruptor and The Jailbird on the ‘Very Fine’ setting will return as a Micro H.I.D.

- The Jailbird and the 3-X Particle Disruptor will turn into each other on the ‘1:1’ setting.

- Putting The Jailbird on the ‘Coarse’ setting will cause it to turn red; its final state. This means that The Jailbird will break/explode after its next use.

- On the ‘Rough’ setting, The Jailbird will return as a flashlight.

Whilst The Jailbird did not receive any other major changes in terms of gameplay, our Sound Design team implemented multiple variation sounds for each inspect animation that will play depending on the degradation of the weapon.

For example, The Jailbird can use its charge ability up to five times before it’s fully destroyed. After each charge, a unique inspect sound is relayed to the player.


Here's a challenge for everyone: try to interpret some of the new voice lines! The Audio team refuses to tell anyone what it might be saying…

Unseen concept art of The Jailbird, courtesy of PurpleGoop.

SCP-939 Mimicry Menu Rework

With the recent rework changes made for SCP-939, we believe that our current UI design for SCP-939’s Mimicry menu is rather lacklustre currently. The sub-menu UI design was first approached for the sake of keeping graphical consistency with our inventory menu. However, we’ve come to realise that this resulted in a more complicated and cluttered mess, which we wanted to fix immediately.

Moving forward, SCP-939 will receive a complete UI overhaul rework of her Mimicry menu. This will not only redesign our UI menu and remove all sub-menus from the ability, but provide all new QoL features (hotkeys and trimming voice clips) that were not present in the previous version.

Hotkeys- As shown in the screenshot above, players will now be able to favourite multiple stored voice clips (maximum of eight) chosen from the menu. When favouriting any voice clip, this will bind a number on your keyboard as a usable hotkey, allowing SCP-939 to play them easily. The numeral hotkeys will remain bound to those clips, even if they are later changed by the player themselves (e.g. removing hotkey #3 whilst keeping hotkey #4). Any favourite voice clips that are saved in the menu will not be overridden by any extra clips currently being stored, meaning you will still be able to keep them for as long as they are saved.

Drag voice clips - Displayed next to the ‘Favorite’ button, players can drag and reorganise any stored voice clips listed to their preference.

Trim voice clips - Players will now be able to ‘trim’ parts of a voice clip, allowing them to play back the specific highlighted audio in-game. All trimmed voice clips will stay highlighted until the player makes any direct change to the clip.

Mimic Point Meter Range - When placing down a mimic point, the system will display a metre range underneath the ability icon at which SCP-939 can freely move before the point reaches its maximum distance (20 metres). Reaching the maximum distance will remove the placed mimic point.

Gunshot variations - Each gun will have multiple sound variations that are played at random chance (e.g. Shotgun with double shot, Crossvec with suppressor, different fire rates, etc.).

Item Mimicry: In the previous Mimicry menu, players had the option to choose two classes to impersonate: either a Class-D or a Scientist. Each class had two variants of different items that were suited best for their roles (e.g. SCP-207 and Com-15 for Class-D, medkits and painkillers for Scientists). This has since been removed, replacing them with more diverse options for SCP-939 to use (grenades, adrenaline, candy, and SCP-1853).

Decreased Mimicry Cooldown - The Mimicry cooldown has been reduced to ten seconds (previously 20 seconds)

Whilst most of this Mimicry menu rework is mainly targeted towards visual aspects, we wanted to provide improved QoL features that will give our SCP-939 players more creativity.

That’s all for this post! We hope you're all excited for SCP: SL's 13.0 update.

12.0 Mimicry Feedback Form

Hello everyone!

We hope you are enjoying the 12.0 release and you’ve had the chance to try out all of the new features coming to SCP: Secret Laboratory. To make sure everything is balanced and working as intended, we are posting a feedback form with various questions about all the new features in the game.


See you in the Facility.

~Nostra (Northwood Studios Feedback Manager)

Holiday Patch

Hello everyone. Today we bring you a small update to round off the holiday season.

This year, SCP: Secret Laboratory’s holiday update was larger than anything we’ve previously done in previous years. We want to give you as much time with the limited content as possible, and, as a result, this update brings some minor needed tweaks and fixes to the holiday version of the game.

[h2]SCP-2536 Changes[/h2]
  • Adjusted SCP-2536’s overall loot table.
  • Introduced a new anomalous item — The Jailbird. The Jailbird is a special melee weapon that can be rarely granted by SCP-2536.
  • Opening a present gifted by SCP-2536 will cause a small cooldown, preventing one player from claiming all the gifts nearly instantly.
  • SCP-2536 will no longer attempt to spawn for the Chaos Insurgency. Insurgents are still able to open gifts.
  • SCP-2536 can only give one ‘Last Stand’ gift per round. Expect significantly less Logicers.
  • Added a SCP-2536 spawn point inside of SCP-096’s containment chamber.
  • SCP-2536’s gift will now have a disintegration effect whenever it appears and disappears.
  • SCP-2536’s spawning mechanics will now loop if valid targets cannot be found.
  • Improved how SCP-2536’s audio works.
  • Adjusted SCP-2536 visuals. SCP-2536 should no longer disappear when looking at it from a far distance.

[h2]Other Changes and Fixes[/h2]
  • Added Operational Guide entries for all of the new SCPs.
  • SCP-956 will now target players affected by SCP-559 significantly faster.
  • Introduced poppable balloons scattered around the Facility.
  • You are now able to drink from the various mugs around the Facility.
  • Rebalanced SCP-106.
    - Hunter's Atlas now applies sinkhole cooldown.
    - SCP-106 Vigor regeneration pauses during sinkhole cooldown.
    - Vigor will no longer regenerate if SCP-106 remains stationary.
  • Reimplemented third-person animations for the Coin.
  • SCP-018’s logo now faces the player when held.
  • Increased SCP-1576 playback volume.
  • Changed the fog color.
  • SCP-173’s blink indicator now uses the snowy model.
  • Fixed volumetric lighting on the Surface Zone.
  • Updated the Reddit link in the main menu.
  • Various Remote Admin improvements, including a new Token System window and improved forceclass-related commands.

We hope that you all enjoyed the special update this year. Thank you all for your warm reception and continued support.

Have fun, and see you in the dark.
~ Northwood Studios

Happy Holidays!

Today, in celebration of the holiday season, we are excited to announce a special update we’ve been working on!

From the Christmas season, to the New Year, to our fifth anniversary, we have plenty to be thankful for, and we’re happy to unveil the potentially largest holiday update yet.

We hope you’re just as excited as we are! Without further ado, let’s get right into it:

[h2]SCP-2536 Reimplementation[/h2]
What’s a holiday update without a Christmas tree?

SCP-2536 is back and better than ever! Featuring a reworked loot table and improved graphics, ‘The Gift That Keeps On Giving’ is ready to spread some holiday cheer.!

[h2]SCP-1576 — Edisonian Afterlife Communicator[/h2]
Some say that knowledge is power, others believe that knowing the right things at the right time can change a life. How about you consult the experts on the matter— the dead!

SCP-1576 is a new item SCP with the ability to communicate with the deceased. After a brief windup, you’ll be given a few seconds to communicate with any spectators waiting to respawn. But, with only one communication output, it may be difficult to tell who’s who! No one said that talking to the countless dead would be easy…

SCP-1576 is an item we’ve been sitting on for a while. Originally intended for a Halloween update, we’ve decided to spice things up this Christmas season. Currently only available as a gift from SCP-2536, the Edisonian Afterlife Communicator will be a special treat not found on every round.

[h2]SCP-559 — Birthday Time![/h2]
Sometimes, realising your own mortality can be scary. Don’t you wish you could be a kid again? Well, with SCP-559, you can experience the joy for just one more day.

SCP-559 is a new environmental SCP that spawns randomly around the Facility, akin to SCP-2536. Upon getting close, players will be able to blow out the candles, and experience the joy of childhood once again. With this, you’ll receive a shrunken player model, an increase in stamina and movement speed, a decrease in weapon handling stats, and a slight voice pitch shift.

SCP-559 is an SCP made with the intention of being fun, above all else. Whilst it’s not necessarily something you’ll see in the base game, we’re happy to give you all an anniversary we’ll both never forget. Here’s to the fifth year of SCP: Secret Laboratory!

[h2]SCP-956 — The Child-Breaker[/h2]
Now you may be thinking, “Wow, with a name like that, what does SCP-956 do?” That’s a good question.

SCP-956 is a second new environmental SCP, appearing in secret in the corners of most rooms. When a player underneath the effects of SCP-559 stays in a room containing SCP-956 for too long, █████████ █████ ████ ██████.

SCP-956 ████ ██ █ ██████ ███ ███████ ██ ████████, ██ ███ SCP-559 ██████. ███ ███████ █ █████████ candy ███████ ██ ██████ ██ ████?

███ piñata █ █████ ███ █████ ██ ██ ██████, ██ ██ ████. ██████████ █ ███ █████ ██ ██████ ██ ████ Site-02.

Keep an eye out!

[h2]Miscellaneous Tweaks[/h2]
We’ve also taken the time to introduce some new features. From various holiday decorations to balance changes and bug fixes, this update also brings some well needed fine tuning to the 12.0.0 update.

[h3]Holiday Cheer[/h3]
  • Added a new main menu background.
  • Reimplemented the Christmas main menu theme.
  • Reimplemented the Chaos Insurgency express.
  • Replaced SCP-173 with a more snowy model.
  • Retextured SCP-173’s Tantrum effect to be more festive.
  • SCP-173 explodes into holiday spirit upon death.
  • Filled the mugs in the Facility with hot cocoa.
  • Added plenty of festive decorations.
  • SCP-018 has been converted into a Christmas ornament.
  • The chilly season is here! You might spot your breath if you look hard enough.
  • Re-added the Pink Candy. You’re welcome.

[h3]Balance changes[/h3]
  • Improved SCP-049-2’s hit registration.
  • Increased SCP-049-2’s melee hit damage.
  • Increased SCP-939’s melee hit damage.
  • Increased SCP-939’s stamina regeneration time.
  • SCP-096 and SCP-079 will now no longer spawn as the only two SCPs.
  • SCP-096 can no longer spawn as the only SCP.
  • SCP-079 no longer loses AP to switch to an adjacent camera.
  • Adjusted SCP-079’s door locking AP cost.
  • SCP-106 now spawns with zero vigor.

[h3]Bug Fixes and Backend Improvements[/h3]
  • Reimplemented Overwatch mode.
  • Improved how PlayerIDs cycle.
  • Fixed an issue where SCP-173 could result in a game soft lock.
  • Fixed a bug letting you clip out of bounds at the Heavy Containment Zone-Entrance Zone checkpoint.

Happy holidays, and see you in the dark.
~ Northwood Studios