2. News



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  • Added New Region [ESCAPISM]
  • Added New Stroops & a Mech
  • Added New NPC [DEMON]
  • Added New Plugin [DL]
  • Added STATS screen
  • Added New Buying Drones page
  • Added Sat Multiplier after buying drones
  • Added Resolution Changer
  • Added Page Shortcuts
  • Added Multiplier UI on back of Sat count

  • Greatly simplified menu UI and replaced with everything being accessed from database
  • Easier gameplay conveyance while shifting entirely to them being audible - to know what to do and when
  • All Satellites & Data have been completely rebalanced
  • Visit specific countries after completing a region in database to max easier
  • Removed Signal Cap & Max cap fall off
  • Removed previous Buying Drone feature
  • RF is now only on snare of a song by pressing space 15 times
  • A lot of bugs i forgor

  • No longer is there an inconsistency when typing on database
  • Y/N now show on a very unique instance of restarting ES intro that didn't before
  • The final country effect is back
  • Database lighting adjusted