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UPDATE 0.475


UPDATE 0.475

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  • Made Transition between regions much faster and satisfying
  • Added explosion effect at end of regions
  • RF is now based on your mouse clicks. And is stable.
  • TV changes based on your avg reaction time upon discovery & as you train your reaction time
  • Terminal is forced shown when you can afford drones to teach you how it works
  • Added a bump to UI when playing on beat
  • Added SETUP dialogue when resetting.
  • Added hidden factory reset by typing 'RESET' on terminal
  • Changed RF pre-trigger to say 'launch'
  • Changed a video in EM. It's a lady running away from cats.

  • Permanent Heavenly effect when switching from a region's database to STAT using left shift
  • Camera Animations stop playing if user selects terminal>region>shortcut to stats>esc.
  • Can no longer acquire DL by telling demon you're uninterested
  • Can no longer start game in-between selling/buying
  • Lighting in system adjusted when all plugins are active
  • Selecting option 1 in ????? dialogue triggers option 2
  • Tapping next sat just at the right moment can keep the losing camera animation playing instead of cam next
  • Activating DL in FM still allows you to click on stroops
  • Half of all gameplay wasn't recording for your stats, now they all do
  • Fixed a bug where you can activate a region by pressing 'ENTER' on sell/buy
  • Fixed a lot of typing issues in the terminal
  • Ending particles now appear at final country in FM