2. News




This update is larger than normal due to revisiting the project and redesigning a lot of core features, along with adding new ones.

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  • Database (A record of all your satellites)
  • Sell Data (Sell your data in the database to gain $)
  • Buying Drones (Purchase more Drones to increase the strength of your signal to a region)
  • Signal Strength (The strength of your signal in % is tied to the drones you buy)
  • MAX Sat (Once a region's signal is 100%. You can now MAX a satellite by solving it in 0.6 seconds to get MAX data)
  • Signal Analyzer (See the range of when you can MAX a sat. Buy more drones to increase this range)
  • System Screen (Plug and unplug drives you acquired from merchant convos)
  • New Stroop Colors added (Pink, Brown, White)
  • Rhythmic Feel Redesign (You can now play BoS as a rhythm game, if you lose a beat once you will lose instantly.)

  • All stroops are now 50/50. Before this tuning it used to be STS 66 (true) / 33 (false). ES 20 (true) / 80 (false).
  • Main Menu has been simplified.
  • Code for Characters became more subtle (this killed the fancy decryption thing, but keeps the game looking less like a child put it together)
  • Inputting code for characters can now be done in the Database.
  • Removed RF audio & fx to a subtler audio/visual
  • Data downloading from Signal changed from exact digits converting to data on click, to the signal strength being a % of total data a sat has.
  • The # of drones you have determine how much Data you download from each Satellite.
  • Sats have set Data, the more drones you buy, the more data you can get. Each region has a set max # of drones to get max data.
  • Max data range per region increases based on # of drones in that region.
  • Region Progress in the middle of the menu now based on you downloading total data from a region. Which is determined by # of drones & # of MAX sats.
  • MILF moved to second region
  • Changed KB/MB datatype to TB as the standard
  • Ripping $500 from MILF actually gives you $500 now.
  • You can now actually pay MILF $500.
  • Region Intros only occur once, completing a region a second time will take you straight to the next region.

  • 60% of the game was refactored from Playmaker to C#. If there was a bug, it's fixed.

  • If you buy more drones past 100% signal in a region, you won't be able to download more than the region offers. Every region has a data cap.
  • To avoid accidental activation of RF, it will only kick in after 5 successful consecutive beats. (Assuming RF is plugged in)

Folks I want to be extremely clear, every update after this will have significantly less content by comparison to this one.

All this work went to foundational systems, we remade and installed basic systems for the game to function. Now we're coming back to region building and additional features.

Catch you guys on the next one!