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Arabic and Turkish are Coming to Albion Online!

We’re excited to announce that in the coming weeks Albion Online will be launched in two new languages: Turkish and Arabic! Players will be able to log in and play the game entirely in these two languages with both existing and new characters, on each server, and will also have access to language-specific in-game chat channels and dedicated subforums. The game will also feature right-to-left support when playing in Arabic.

Albion Online has long had passionate and dedicated Turkish and Arabic-speaking communities, and we couldn’t be happier to offer an improved gaming experience for these players. At the same time, we hope to see these communities grow further, making Albion an even richer and more vibrant gameworld for everyone!

Introducing Turkish and Arabic will be an ongoing process, particularly given the challenges of introducing a right-to-left display, and we will continue to optimize them after release. Our website will be available in these languages soon, with important news and information translated to keep you up-to-date. We look forward to hearing your feedback, and stay tuned for more on this exciting development soon!

Invasion Day is this Weekend

The first Guild Season since the Crystal Raiders update is in full swing, and players have been raiding territories, stealing Raw Energy, and working to earn Crystal Weapon artifacts. The first Invasion Day since the start of the season is this weekend, when territories will reset and guilds engage in fierce fights to claim ownership. And we’ll be broadcasting the action for you live on AlbionTV!

At 13:50 UTC on Saturday 10 February you can join hosts Robinhoodrs, Shozen, and Bogul for coverage of the final round of the day’s invasions on Albion East. Then, at 17:50 UTC, Shozen, Lewpac, and Bogul will bring you coverage of the first round of territory resets on Albion West. Finally, at 00:50 UTC on Sunday 11 February, Robinhoodrs, Shozen and Tazzik will present the second round of territory resets on Albion West. Tune in to catch the excitement!

For full season schedules and an overview of the changes that came with Crystal Raiders, see this forum post.

Get the Jousting Horse with a Single Referral!

A new Referral Season is here, and from now until February 29, you can claim the Jousting Horse with a single referral!

This mount skin transforms your Riding Horse base mount into a strong and regal steed, decked out in ceremonial livery. It comes in guild versions, too, letting you show off your current guild logo and colors as you ride into battle. And once unlocked, it can be used by any of your characters on that server.

As always, there are also big rewards for your third and fifth referrals: a T7 Pile of Tomes worth 100,000 Fame for your third referral, and a T8 Pile of Tomes worth 200,000 Fame for your fifth. And for your first ever referral, you’ll get a T8 Pile of Tomes in addition to the Jousting Horse!


[h3]How to Earn Seasonal Referral Rewards[/h3]
  • Send your referral link, which you can find here, to a friend. (You must be logged into your account on the website to view this page.)
  • Your friend registers an account and starts playing Albion Online (preferably along with you!).
  • The first time your friend purchases at least 30 days of Premium, they will trigger a reward for you.
  • On top of that, for your very first referral ever, you'll receive a T8 Recruiter's Pile of Tomes, worth a massive 200,000 Fame.

This Referral Season lasts until 23:59 UTC on February 29, so invite your friends today and enjoy these rewards!

The Carnival Challenge Returns

The Carnival Challenge is back! For the whole month of February, earn Challenge Points, unlock chests to get valuable loot, and claim your very own Saddled Terrorbird.
[h3]Join the Carnival[/h3]
SADDLED TERRORBIRD: This month's Challenge brings back the charming, lightning-fast Saddled Terrorbird, a speedy mount that will carry you quickly across the lands of Albion. With an above-average base move speed and an additional invincibility/speed burst spell, it's the perfect ride for those who need to cover some ground quickly and safely.

AVATAR RING: Along with the Saddled Terrorbird, you'll unlock the Carnival Challenge Avatar Ring when you reach this month's Challenge Point goal. Give your avatar a colorful, festive look all year round! This non-tradable item permanently unlocks this avatar border for one character, or can be traded for one Adventurer's Token at the Vanity Merchant.

SEASONAL SPECIALS: Unlock weekly Carnival Challenge chests to get valuable rewards like Adventurer's Tomes, resources, and silver bags, along with a chance at carnival-themed Wardrobe Skins. You can also get three furniture items: the Carnival Firework, Carnival Arch, and Carnival Costume Cart.

Log in now and start gathering, fishing, farming, and killing monsters to earn Challenge Points and unlock your rewards!


Guide: The World of Albion

Albion's vast open world is made up of hundreds of zones spanning five different biomes across two massive continents. It can all be a bit overwhelming, so we'll break it down with the following sections:
  • The Five Biomes
  • The Two Continents
  • Albion's Cities
  • Getting Around
[h3]Albion's Five Biomes[/h3]
Albion's open-world zones fall under one of five biomes – Steppe, Forest, Swamp, Mountain, or Highlands – which determine which resources and creatures it contains. In addition to their own distinct visuals and terrain, each biome contains three of the five major natural resources:
  • Steppe: hide, fiber, ore
  • Forest: wood, hide, stone
  • Swamp: fiber, wood, hide
  • Mountain: ore, stone, fiber
  • Highlands: wood, stone, ore
  • Fish can be found in all five biomes
While the entire Royal Continent is divided evenly into five massive biome regions, the Outlands, in contrast, has biome "sub-regions" that change often from zone to zone. Each of the major biome zones on the Royal Continent has its own corresponding Starter Town and Royal City, with Caerleon at the center and not associated with any one biome.

[h3]The Royal Continent: The Heart of Albion[/h3]
After you finish the tutorial (which takes place on its own separate mini-island), you'll be transported to the Royal Continent to start your adventure. The Royal Continent is Albion's massive southern landmass, and is home to the game's five Starter Towns (where you'll first land after the tutorial) and the six Royal Cities.

The Royal Continent contains blue, yellow, and red zones, but no black zones (see Zones and Flagging for more info). Thus, while full-loot PvP is possible, the 100% unflagged, always-hostile black-zone PvP is limited to the Outlands.

[h3]The Outlands: Albion's Wild Frontier[/h3]
The Outlands is Albion's major northern landmass, accessed from the Royal Continent via five Realmgates in each of the five Royal Cities. All zones in the Outlands are black zones, meaning "winner takes all" rules apply, and any player can attack any other player with no reputation loss. The Outlands are where much of Albion's guild warfare takes place, with guilds battling over territories and placing Hideouts

[h3]Alternate Realms[/h3]
The open world of Albion includes realms that exist on alternate planes outside of mapped regions. These realms are unstable, and feature unpredictable zone connections, group size limitations, and varying entry/exit conditions.

Roads of Avalon: The Roads of Avalon are a network of hundreds of regions, accessed via portals that open at random throughout the open world. Once inside, Black Zone PvP rules apply and any portal found could lead to any part of Albion's open world – or further into the Roads – with no connection being permanent.

The Mists: A magical region that can be entered through short-lived portals. These areas do not correspond to any particular biome and can contain all resources. You can also find one-way connections to different parts of the world or a portal to the City in the Mists: Brecilien. The Mists also feature unique creatures found nowhere else, which have a chance to drop rare and valuable artifacts when defeated.

[h3]Albion's Cities and Towns[/h3]
Starter Towns: Each major biome region on the Royal Continent is home to one of five "Starter Towns": Steppe Cross, Mountain Cross, Swamp Cross, Forest Cross, and Highlands Cross. These towns offer basic marketplaces and crafting/refining stations for players who are just starting out.

Royal Cities: Each of the five Royal Continent biome regions also corresponds to a Royal City:
  • Lymhurst (Forest)
  • Bridgewatch (Steppe)
  • Fort Sterling (Mountain)
  • Martlock (Highlands)
  • Thetford (Swamp)
A sixth city, Caerleon, sits at the center of the Royal Continent.

In addition to their own unique crafting and refining bonuses, the Royal Cities offer plots of land for sale, access to private and guild islands, local player-run marketplaces, the chance to join the city's Faction and fight in Albion's Faction Warfare system, and (with the exception of Caerleon) Realmgate access to the Outlands.

Rests (Outlands Towns): While the Outlands are generally wild and hostile, three small towns called Rests – Merlyn's Rest, Morgana's Rest, and Arthur's Rest – offer a chance to buy and sell goods, craft items, refine resources, and log off safely in the midst of Albion's most dangerous zones.

[h3]Getting Around Albion[/h3]
On foot or mounted: The best way to see what Albion has to offer is to simply head out into the world, either on foot or on a trusty mount. Whether you have a destination in mind, or are just exploring, you're sure to encounter something new each time you set out. You'll generally want to bring a mount along for the added speed and carry weight they offer.

Fast travel: In Albion, fast travel is limited to specific destinations, and can only be initiated via the Travel Planner or Island Merchant NPCs. As trade and transport are essential parts of Albion's economy, fast travel to most destinations is only free when your inventory is completely empty, and becomes dramatically more expensive with each additional item.

Realmgates & Portal Towns: Each of the five Royal Cities has a Realmgate leading to a Portal Town that shares a Marketplace and a Bank with its corresponding city. These each then lead into a different part of the Outlands.