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February 14th 2020 Emergency Maintenance Schedule Patch Notes

Attention, Chasers!

Please check the emergency maintenance schedule below.

The following patch note pertains to contents that will be updated during the (UTC+0) February 14th,2020 Emergency Maintenance.
Maintenance will happen during the following times:

(*Above time periods are subject to change. In case of schedule change, we will update this announcement.)


1. Survival Mode Matchmaking Improved

2. New AI Practice Mode kill number decreased from 5 kills to 3 kills.

[h3]Bug Fix[/h3]

1. Fixed the error where Blazing Fist's Whirlwind would not allow left click to throw the caught enemy.

2. Fixed the error where Sacred Guardian's Crusade skill would have an abnormal charge distance upon hitting a target.

3. Fixed the error with Kien's Trinity Outfit Glove (R) being tradable.
- Kien's Trinity Outfit Glove (R) that's currently on the Trading Post will be returned to the owner and the Registration Fee will be returned as well via in-game mail.

4. Fixed the price error with Long-Sleeve T-Shirt in the CP shop.

5. Fixed the error with players above S1 Rank not getting the 'Win an Official Probatio' count while playing PVP Duel Mission.

6. Fixed the error with E Rank players not being able to successfully matchmake.

All above changes can change due to development complications and when there is a change, we will notify you on the changes.