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February 24th 2021 Weekly Maintenance Schedule & Patch Notes

[h3]UPDATE: Please note that the maintenance has been extended for 2 additional hours from the original end time. We apologize for the inconvenience.[/h3]

Attention, Chasers!

Please check the weekly maintenance schedule below.

The following patch note pertains to contents that will be updated during the (UTC+0) February 24th,2021 Weekly Maintenance.
Maintenance will happen during the following times:

(*Above time periods are subject to change. In case of schedule change, we will update this announcement.)

• Character Stat UI Improvement
- When your option stats go over the limit of a certain stat, it will show the amount it goes over by in red text

Stat UI

Stat UI (When stat is over limit)

• Soul Stone UI Improvement
- You can now open your socket and equip your soul stone from the same window through different tabs

Open Socket

Equip Soul Stone

Unequip Soul Stone

Refine Soul Stone
- You can now register a refiner to use by just simply inputting the quantity of refiners to use. (However, you will still need to register equipment if you are going to use it as a refiner)
- You will now be able to see the growth of your Soul Stone and you will also be able to see how much a refiner adds to the growth of your Soul Stone through the visible value.

• Skill Damage & Break Damage
- Lingering skills will no longer deal different damage & break damage if you switch your karma during the skill's duration. (Example: Dance of Wind - Raining Arrow, Diabolic Witch - RMB Hold Attack, Lightning Fang - Thunder Wolf, etc.)

[h3]Bug Fix[/h3]
• Fixed the bug with certain attacks not hitting properly at certain times
- Sword Taliah - LMB LMB LMB Hold
- Blazing Fist - LMB LMB LMB LMB Hold
- Sacred Guardian - LMB LMB LMB Hold

• Fixed the bug where Karma Switch attacks wouldn't hit properly at certain times
• Fixed the bug where cooldown wouldn't show the countdown properly after use at certain times