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Conqueror’s Tales: Fine Festivals

As the pinnacle of summer approaches, so too do fine festivals! The Norse people of old are famous for their festivals, full of feasting, riveting rituals, and spirited songs, and if you want to practice some of the rabble-rousing and merrymaking of the Viking era, look no further than this guide.
[h2]Midsummer (June 20 or 21)[/h2]
Also known as Midsumarblot, Midsummer is probably the most well-known of the Viking festivals, and this celebration of the Summer Solstice includes many Norse traditions.

The Summer Solstice honours the Norse goddess Sunna, but is also an astronomical observation of the Sun’s position, marking the longest day and shortest night of the year. This date usually falls around June 21 and marks the beginning of shorter days to come.

As for the celebrations themselves, if you want to rekindle the feeling of your Viking forebears as they prepared to set sail on raids knowing their crops were safely planted, here are a few ways you can party like it’s the summer of ‘69 (869 AD, that is):
  • Convene around a roaring bonfire (safely), sing and dance, and burn corn dollies.
  • Indulge in some Viking-era crafts and make a wreath or model longboat.
  • Decorate and dance around a maypole.
  • Make small offerings and blessings to the dear departed god Baldur.
[h2]Vikinglag (June)[/h2]
For something a little more organised (and less fiery), why not take a trip to Trondheim, Norway, and visit the Vikinglag Festival? Trondheim was the capital of Norway during the Viking era, and the city honours its past with a festival of epic and immersive proportions.

As well as a market for the public to peruse, Hands on History and Trondheim Vikinglag also put together a one-week reenactment event called The Viking Way in the forest of Trøndelag in 2016. Participants were invited to live in a temporary settlement and survive off nature as their Viking ancestors would. Craft projects kept idle hands busy, such as blacksmithing, pottery, tanning skins, and brewing.

Trondheim still hosts their historic market every year, taking you back in time to show you how the Vikings dressed, what food they ate, and how they fought, with opportunities to meet and talk with artisans who still work using traditional Viking-era methods.

People participating in The Viking Way 2016

[h2]Freyfest (July 31 or August 1)[/h2]
Freyfest (or Freysblot) in the Norse calendar is a festival giving thanks to the gods for a bountiful harvest. Holiest to the goddess Freyja (fertility) and Thor (harvest), it was a time when the Viking warriors would return with their spoils and begin to reap the crops from summer.

If you want to give thanks to the gods for a good harvest, here’s how you can do just that:
  • Bake a loaf of bread, then symbolically sacrifice it by eating it as part of a great feast!
  • Set up a simple altar, and craft items such as baskets in autumnal colours like green, orange, and brown.

We wish you luck in your festival-ing, and hope the Viking gods bless you with good fortune in Conqueror's Blade: Helheim, and stay tuned for more Conqueror’s Tales from the Viking era!

Intercontinental Matchmaking Coming Soon!

Since the launch of Conqueror's Blade, we've successfully introduced different ways to connect with players around the world in battle, including matchmaking on a single server, and cross-server matchmaking This has enabled more players to queue up, fight together, and show their mettle on a global scale.

We reached yet another milestone in Conqueror’s Blade: Paragons—matchmaking between our North and South American servers in NA-SA Siege.

Conqueror’s Blade is still taking steps towards our goal of being able to deliver massive battles with players from all across the globe. It is with pride that we share with you that we'll be launching a matchmaking mode soon, connecting Europe, North America, and South America—Intercontinental Matchmaking, our first attempt at making our dream of truly global battles a reality.

[h2]Testing Times [/h2]
The Intercontinental Matchmaking tests will begin this week, see below for the active times:

Friday, June 24
  • 14:00 - 16:00 (CEST) / 08:00 - 10:00 (EDT)
  • 20:00 - 22:00 (CEST) / 14:00 - 16:00 (EDT)

Saturday, June 25
  • 14:00 - 16:00 (CEST) / 08:00 - 10:00 (EDT)
  • 21:00 - 23:00 (CEST) / 15:00 - 17:00 (EDT)

Sunday, June 26
  • 14:00 - 16:00 (CEST) / 08:00 - 10:00 (EDT)
  • 20:00 - 22:00 (CEST) / 14:00 - 16:00 (EDT)

[h2]What will Intercontinental Matchmaking bring to the table?[/h2]
As a unique PvP game with 15 vs 15 battles, Conqueror's Blade already brings plenty of excitement. However, the sheer number of players required for each game is a challenge in and of itself. Following the launch of Intercontinental Matchmaking, more players will be joined together in a single matchmaking pool, which will improve matchmaking in the following ways:
  • Reduced waiting times
  • Reduced skill disparity for matchmaking games
  • Heightened participation in limited-time events
  • Players from different regions and of different playstyles can clash in battle
[h2]Hurdles to Overcome[/h2]
We are currently working on technology that will enable Intercontinental Matchmaking for all game modes, and it's possible that it will be ready in the near future.

The first and most direct difficulty to overcome is latency. Even under the most perfect of circumstances, there will be latency between servers on different continents. Secondly, connectivity is affected by different countries, regions, and their service providers, and this might lead to package losses and high latency.

To solve these issues, we're planning on making optimisations on multiple aspects:
  • Network node selection: We will compare and analyse the network nodes of the major cloud service providers and choose servers with low latency, high throughput, and high network redundancy for different areas.
  • Matchmaking optimisation: Matchmaking will first search your region before expanding to cross-continental search. Our algorithm will be set up so that you are more likely to match against players from near where you are connected, which will lead to lower latency, quicker matchmaking, and more enjoyable battles.
  • Network usage optimisation: We will do our best to reduce the amount of data required to be sent and received during battles. We will reduce the number of times network info is sent; some things that previously required ten or a dozen send and receive requests will now only require one to two. This reduces the possibility of package losses.

We will do our best to use dedicated connections to reduce the impact that connections from different countries, regions, and internet service providers have on connectivity, and keep a close eye on how this pans out. Be sure to get in touch with our support team and tell us if you run into any server issues!
[h2]Time Differences & Events[/h2]
South America, North America, and Europe span multiple time zones. As players from all of these continents will be playing together and as peak times differ based on the region, we will make changes to events as well.

We will prioritise launching Intercontinental Matchmaking for game modes that are always available. Once we've ensured that the experience is stable, we will gradually make it available for limited-time events too.

As for limited-time events, we'll prioritise ensuring that the usual weekly events remain unchanged while extending the duration of events somewhat to cover the different time zones.
[h2]Epic Doctrine Changes[/h2]
There are differences in terms of in-game content between the servers on the three continents, and that's a big obstacle to our goal of creating a unified matchmaking system.

The biggest hurdle in this regard is the Epic Leadership Doctrine. This doctrine is available on the South American servers, but not on North American and European servers. A unit with it equipped will require 16% less leadership.

For players on all of these continents to have an equal experience, and considering the time players have already invested, we have decided to make the Epic Leadership Doctrine attainable from Excavate on the North American and European servers. This will bring with it a series of changes to unit compositions on the servers of these two regions, and make for a new experience.

We also want to take advantage of these few weeks before we launch Intercontinental Matchmaking to ask you all for your opinions regarding the changes to Epic Leadership Doctrines via Discord.
[h2]Launch Information[/h2]
Considering latency and time zone differences, our goal is to launch as follows:

South and North American Servers:
  • Intercontinental Matchmaking will replace single-server and cross-server matchmaking for all permanently available game modes.
  • Single-server and cross-server matchmaking will remain in place for Ranked Battle and limited-time events for the time being and will be replaced with Intercontinental Matchmaking later on.
European Servers:
  • Intercontinental Matchmaking will replace single-server and cross-server matchmaking for all permanently available game modes.
  • Single-server and cross-server matchmaking will remain in place for Ranked Battle and limited-time events for the time being and will be replaced with Intercontinental Matchmaking later on.
  • We will keep one extra cross-server matchmaking entrance for Siege Battle which players on the European servers can use. These game servers are located in Europe and will be better in terms of latency.
  • Players on the European servers may choose whether to use Intercontinental Matchmaking or cross-server matchmaking in Europe based on their latency and preferences.

We will work hard on developing the Intercontinental Matchmaking system so that the server nodes with low delay are dynamically chosen for each player based on their network. We want every player to have a matchmaking experience where the server with the lowest latency is selected.

This dynamic node system is fairly complex, however. We estimate that we will need a few weeks or even months to develop this and run enough tests before we can launch it. Please stay tuned for more information.

Intercontinental Matchmaking is an important step for Conqueror's Blade, and we're incredibly proud of where we are today. We are eager to hear what you all think about this new feature too, so feel free to join the discussion on Discord!

Steam Summer Sale: Up to 60% Off!

Soak up the rays from hot savings this summer! Grab your towel and enjoy an extra 15% launch discount on the brand-new Sun and Sea Bundle and 60% off the Battle Saga Collector’s Pack.

Use the power of the rays and waves to dominate the battlefield with the Sun and Sea Bundle, including the majestic Solar Order Hero Attire, the Sea Devils Unit Attire, a Tree of Life Banner, and much more!

Note: The Sun and Sea Bundle additional 15% launch discount (totalling 31%) will end June 30 (19:00 CEST), and will then remain at a permanent 16% discount.


Fight as Odin's chosen with Jomsdrengr Hero Attire, a 90-day Premium Account, 80,000 Silver, and 15 siege weapons with 60% off the Battle Saga Collector's Pack!


The Battle Saga Collector’s Pack will remain discounted as part of the Steam Summer Sale until 19:00 CEST on July 7.

Dredge Up the Seafarer's Guild Chest until July 7!

From now until July 7 (until maintenance), you can recover treasures from the deep from the new Seafarer’s Guild Chest (available in-game only)! 

You can check out the drop rates for the Seafarer’s Guild Chest in-game via the ‘G’ menu.

Alongside the release of this new chest, there are also changes to the Attire Chest Shop (‘G’). The following items have been added for Conqueror’s Blade: Helheim, replacing previous items:
  • Antique Errantry Hero Attire
  • Antique Shaman Hero Attire
  • Antique Falcon Order Unit Attire
  • Antique Khanate Guard Unit Attire
  • Antique Stygain Order Hero Attire
  • Antique Ortoq Hero Attire
  • Antique Snow Tiger Unit Attire

The Seafarer’s Guild Chest is available in-game until July 7.

Map Guide: Raid on Aurelian (Limited-Time Siege)

The battle for dominion over the city of Aurelian returns until July 14 (10:00 Server Time)—with a twist. Valiant heroes who joined us during Conqueror’s Blade: Paragons will know this reworked map as La Grande Gloire, a key point of conflict between the people of Pays-de-la-Gloire and the Loegrians. 

Now, as the Northmen of Helheim sail down the western coast to pillage the city of Aurelian, a new war will be waged on a new, Viking-inspired version of the map.


Aurelian has been raided by the Northmen and is in poor condition. A far cry from its once glorious days, fires break out across the city and destroyed buildings pepper the landscape. Not only this, the severe weather is making things difficult for all involved, as heavy rain, thunder, and lightning assault the fighters.

After a successful defence against the Loegrians, this historic city is once again under threat, and Aurelian’s many bridges and structures might not be enough to keep the warriors of Helheim at bay. 

However, the people of Pays-de-la-Gloire won’t go down without a fight, and the courageous Banner Guards will spawn to join the battle for the defenders, along with their newly allied Highlander comrades, the Claymores. While not quite as hardy as they once were, they are still powerful enough to push back a Northmen invasion. 

The warriors from the North have brought their own combatants though, and the fearsome Sons of Fenrir and Berserkers will join the fray for their Northern allies as the attackers attempt to claim Aurelian.

  • While the city is fortified, those fortifications were built in haste and are far from impenetrable, especially with the recent damage from the Northmen raid. Two points in the outer wall can be breached using whatever tools are at your disposal.
  • Attackers can also attempt to claim the supply point to the left of Point A to harm the defenders’ resupply line.
  • The defence has strategically placed artillery in the monasteries of Aurelian but can be claimed by taking the monasteries and using the defenders’ weapons against them to reach the base point.
  • Point A is the centre for defensive operations, close to a supply point and a monastery. From the second floor of the monastery, concealed artillery can be fired at attackers. 
  • Point B is located atop a bridge, where your team should keep an eye on the temporary roads that lead into the fortress, as well as retain their artillery.
  • The base point is located within the church square and can be reached by crossing the bridge, which can also be tactically destroyed to prevent the attackers from approaching.
Raid on Aurelian will be available in Conqueror’s Blade: Helheim until July 14 (10:00 Server Time), and you can find the exact timings for your server below:

16:00 - 18:00 CEST

13:00 - 15:00 PDT

16:00 - 18:00 EDT

21:00 - 23:00 CEST

18:00 - 20:00 PDT

21:00 - 23:00 EDT