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1.3.7 Changelog

So, funny story... I tried opening the code to STS in an older version of Unity just to see if I could, and it ended up corrupting a bunch of stuff. Uhh... duh! I'm surprised my sperm won the race lmao. Luckily, I had a backup of 1.3.5, so applying the fixes since then was no problem. Aside from that:


  • Removed some more weird old debug code - I think I've managed to get it all by now.
  • Removed unnecessary logos. I removed that stupid "only quality code!" splash and the intro for my old gamedev group. This makes the game smaller by about 10 MB! Woohoo!
  • Updated credits. Simplified things to be less cluttered and more to the point with relevant contributors and a general special thanks section.
  • macOS USERS: STS is now built for Intel specifically. Apple Silicon should still work, but STS isn't built to support both anymore, so I thought I should mention it. Although, I do wonder if it ever WAS built for both even though I said it was in an earlier post, because whenever I tried running the game on my Intel Macbook, it would crash. So anyways, yeah, now the game will work for all three Mac users.
  • DEMO: Same updates as above, and also removed the high scores screen, which was in the demo for some reason despite being inaccessible.

Thanks for playing STS! The three year anniversary is coming up... WOAH. I can't believe it's been that long. Maybe I should do something - or maybe not, we'll see how life plays out.