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Update on macOS Support

This is a somewhat serious and important announcement, but it does spoil/hint at something coming in the future, so:


But for the rest of you... hi. Let me get straight to the point:

Support for macOS will be dropped for future versions of Steven the Sperm from here on out.

"Why?", you may ask. Well - and this part of the spoiler I was referring to - there's going to be some engine changes to STS that will provide great benefits to the game. The problem is that this engine, unlike the Unity engine STS has used so far, doesn't natively support macOS. So, it came down to this - is it worth making the game better for Windows only, or keep it the same for both platforms? In the end, I chose the former - I figured that if I could make the game better for the large majority of players, it would be worth switching the engine (as well as because of my other personal gripes against Unity that made me want to get off it, but I won't get into that here).

Theoretically, I COULD support macOS at a basic level with an extension for the engine, but it wouldn't support the engine's Steamworks integration which is Windows only, meaning that Mac players wouldn't be able to get achievements on their actual Steam account, and that just sucks. And either way, the update won't transfer over your save data due to the engine differences, so you might as well just move over operating systems.

It doesn't really matter much anyways, since the amount of people who play STS on Mac are extremely few - I'm pretty sure only like 5 people have played it in the past year - and I honestly doubt that any of those individuals don't also have a Windows installation somewhere where they could just play the game instead, whether it be something like a Windows virtual machine, or a Windows Bootcamp partition. Mac is notoriously bad for supporting old apps, whether it be the whole stupid no-more-32-bit-apps decision (which is dumb even more so if you're like me and have an Intel Macbook with an x86 processor that can't downgrade to any 32-bit supporting version :|), and numerous other stuff with OpenGL being depreciated and etc. Any Mac installation of Steam is basically just "invalid sign simulator" with all the games you can't play, so I highly doubt anybody will notice if Steven the Sperm doesn't support it. Meanwhile, Linux users can just easily play the game on Proton.

So yeah, that's what's going on. See you all again soon, and feel free to leave any comments if you have something to say about this.