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1.3.8 Changelog

What's hanging my spermatozoas and spermatozosos, here's a very quick little update to address some minor things.


  • The default color for the objects is now slightly brighter than the stage. This helps make the visuals a bit more diverse. This change will only affect new players, so existing ones will have to change the color manually if they want it.
  • Updated the some of the hints in the 5 Challenges stage.
  • Better theming on the Options screen. The background is now a blanket (like how the extras screen is bedsheets), and the sliders are Steven's head instead of being generic boring circles.
  • Removed "HD" from the Sperm-b-gone frame during the story. This was a reference to the fact that the Steam version of STS was known as the "HD" one compared to earlier versions of the game, but this is really only something that my close friends would know about, so I decided to get rid of it to avoid confusion for everybody else.
  • Updated author branding for the (hopefully) final time, and added it to the title screen. First it was Perfect Acorn, then once that shut down and after some freaking out and experimenting, I've finally decided on just using PJSim, the name I use for most of my other social medias. I also removed any unnecessary intro sequences and put my name and the copyright date on the bottom corner of the title screen.
  • WINDOWS: Changed architecture of the game from x64 to x86. There was really no reason for the game to be 64-bit only, but it turns out it was by accident.
  • DEMO: You can now exit the credits screen. The button didn't let you leave the credits screen at first... funny.
  • DEMO: Removed condescending text under "Not right now" button. Originally it said in a small font "let me play/I just wanted a free game...", but I realized some people might not think it was a joke and that I was actually trying to shame them lol

I've been very busy with college and things, so I haven't been able to do much with either STS or my other projects, so sorry for the inactivity. Feel free to leave some comments, reviews, discussions, etc! Hope you enjoy playing!