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Update 2.0.1 - (A late) Welcome to 2023!

Did you know that there's no limit to how long sperm can be stored when frozen, as long as it's properly stored inside liquid nitrogen? Well, while I don't think liquid nitrogen has anything to do with it, Steven the Sperm is still here for a 2023 update!


  • You can now disable the sound that plays when the dash meter is filled (the slurping noise). Change it under "Options", "Gameplay", and "Dash Meter Fill Sound".
  • Stage 3: Fixed enemies not spawning under certain conditions, and removed a loose mobile spermicide that was stuck in a wall.
  • Stage 4: Fixed enemies not spawning under certain conditions.
  • Grammar correction for dialogue in the opening story cutscene and a possible ending.
  • Updated copyright dates & #MadeWithFusion logo.

Hope you all have been enjoying STS! Feel free to make some comments and community posts if such a thing comes across your mind. I've been busy with college as usual so I haven't had much time to get other projects off the ground, but I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on any future games, as well as updates for this one. See ya!