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2023 Wrap Up

As the year slowly comes to an end, I wanted to give you guys sort of a state of dev update.

We were hoping to release one more update this year but we ran into some hurdles…

The upcoming update is going to focus almost solely on improving performance and the quest systems and it’s taking a lot longer than we expected.

We really want to get it right since the next update after that is going to be the first chapter of the NEW ISLAND

And when that launches, it’s going to be like a second release for the game so we really want to take care of anything that could seriously hurt it.

So right now, the technical side of the team is going deep on all the stuff that’s causing the performance to nose-dive like a drillship before an eruption...

And in their spare time, they are working on improvements to the quest system.

(We also got 2 new programmers on board to help with this)

Meanwhile, the artist team is hammering away at the new island getting ready as much as possible.

Currently, our estimate is that the performance/tutorial update will be released sometime in Q1 next year.

And then it’s going to be full steam ahead at the first chapter of the new island!

So to prove that we’re not pulling a “Day Before” on y’all...

Here are some fresh teasers:

(As always, keep in mind that everything you see is a work in progress and that if something looks like a placeholder, it probably is)




Alright everyone, thank you so much for your patience and support, have amazing holidays, and I will see you all in 2024!

- Rich

Introducing Steamroller 2.0

Whoa, seems like you guys really liked the monowheel concept!

Well, we didn't.


Because there was not really any room for customization.

So we want back to the drawing board...

And made it modular!

Do you want a chest for your loot?


Do you want an extra seat for your buddy?

You got it.

How about a freaking turret while we're at it??

Say. no. more.


Now, I feel like I should mention again that it's still not coming in the next update.

It started off as a simple teaser.

And then when we saw how much you liked it, we just couldn't resist improving the concept a bit on the side.

Let me know what you guys think and have a great weekend!

- Rich

PS: Big teaser from the new island coming next week