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Backbone + Raw Fury =

Dear friends,

Today we have a very special announcement.
Backbone is gonna be published by Raw Fury!

We are super excited about this. Raw Fury are the best partners in crime we could dream of, and we hope that this small FAQ will reassure you that Backbone is in good hands. Please let us know if you have any questions, we’re happy to answer!

What the heck, a wild publisher appears?
Raw Fury first got in touch with us early 2018, long before Kickstarter, and reconnected again as fans of the Prologue in 2019. While we were sure that we could deliver Backbone in a great state, the funding and support from Raw Fury has helped us to hire and pay decent salaries to additional team members (which means more content) as well as given us extra time to really make Backbone the game of our dreams. Most importantly, Raw Fury gave us an unparalleled security and confidence in our vision.

On a more personal note, out studios have very aligned goals. Our most cherished asset is our people. When we met Raw Fury’s CEO Jonas in Stockholm, we immediately clicked and knew right away that we can trust them to take care of our team and our game. We’ve been working together for 6 months now, and we can feel that they’re in for the long run – and that’s an extremely rare and reassuring feeling. This blog post provides a good insight into what kind of people Raw Fury are – https://rawfury.com/the-measure-of-success/.

What’s gonna happen with the game?
It’s gonna be of a much higher quality, and we’re gonna be a much less stressed team. Our publisher is not in any way interfering with our creative process - we can do whatever we want. I can even post any spicy memes on Twitter - it’s totally up to us how to make and present our game to the world. They just take off the load of our shoulders concerning the rest. Raw Fury are already helping with a lot of things that lie outside of the production of the game: marketing, PR, localization, porting, certification, publishing to stores and consoles, bizdev. This ensures that we can stay focused on spending all our time with Backbone. It’s also important that they consult with us before doing anything, and vice versa - we are true partners in our collaboration.

So when is the game coming out?
In 2021. We don’t have a hard date for it just yet, but as soon as we know – you will know. You, our backers and community will have the date the instant we know for sure! We’ve been hard at work since 2017 and throughout 2018 and 2019. We can’t wait to get to the finish line, and let everyone come visit our Vancouver.

Thank you all so much for your trust and support. We’ve come a long way together, and can’t wait to see what lies ahead. We’ll be back with a usual production update soon.

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Talk soon, detectives