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Heroes of a Broken Land 2 News

Version 0.5 is out!

Version 0.5.0 is now out!

This update is mostly bug fixes and some small UI improvements, this is the beginning of the end. From now on the focus is on fixes and polish not content, meaning the game is slowly starting to come together.

The 0.5.x set of updates will mostly be fixes and game balance changes. The goal is to have the game difficulty and world generation complete, as well as adding all the customization options that people love. During this phase I'll be playing the game a lot to make sure the gameplay has just the right feel that I'm going for. I have pages of notes and over the next months I'll be making many tweaks

Currently the game is a bit too easy and melee is too strong. There are a combination of factors that make the game feel this way, one is defensive equipment is a bit too strong at lower levels, giving your party defense ratings much higher than your foes. Magic is also underwhelming, while healing magic is fairly well balanced offensive magic feels weak. One tricky issues is that monster magic attacks can feel quite powerful, so it will be hard to hit the right balance there.

  • Dungeon clutter is now restored, was broken in 0.4.9
  • Fix Goblin attack not having an hit effect
  • Fix some cave objects placed too high off the ground
  • Fix the same party appearing in the trainer list multiple times under certain conditions
  • Can now resurrect party from world map when on Towns (instead of just from the Town party screen)
  • Removed Life Elixirs from starting equipment
  • Add message when saving game in dungeons
  • Show combat XP earned
  • Nerf Flame Wolf's reaction timing
  • Show error dialog if save game fails (cloud save limit reached)
  • Variety of minor text fixes
  • Fix stance button showing wrong icon if no stance set
  • Fix some effect visuals on earth elementals
  • Adjusted frequency of random world events (less frequent)
  • Adjusted Fairy Grove reset turn count higher
  • Tweak Holy Word fire damage upgrade
  • Adjusted Ice elemental effect location
  • Fix Elememtal Altar location quest not getting marked as completed

Last batch of events for now!

Version 0.4.11 contains 5 new events, and marks the last set of events I plan to add (for a while at least).

The next set of updates will focus on balance and some general polish.

First update of 2023!

Another update in the 0.4.x series brings new events and some important improvements to dynamic location selection. As well as a few fixes for good measure.

The game now has 29 distinct events - getting closer to my goal of about 40 for the final game. The next update will likely add another 5 or so, then there will be a balance/fix update and that will wrap up the 0.4.x series. Afterwards balance will be the main focus of the 0.5.x series.

Version 0.4.10 changes:
  • 5 new events
  • Event locations are now more spread out in the world
  • Fix dungeon fog not re-loading
  • Restore game speed when returning to overworld

Update notes for version 0.4.9

Version 0.4.9 is a minor release. Mostly some fixes and a small number of new events.

Fixing the levels bookcases took a bit longer than I expected, hopefully it's fixed for good!

0.4.10 will continue to focus on adding more events to the game. There are 25 now and I hope to add about a dozen more.

  • 2 new events added
  • Various minor event/script fixes
  • Fix issue where bookcases could be placed over wall switches
  • Fix custom key mapping getting lost on reload

More events and better event levels

Version 0.4.8 brings more world content, a whopping 7 new events and one new location. Event levels should now be better leveled to your game progression too.

I'll probably slow down on new events for the next patch, and plan on focusing on some of the reported bugs that I have in my back log.

  • 7 new events
  • 1 new location
  • Adjusted game progression calculation for event levels
  • Fix the Volcano Eruption event