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Update notes for version 0.4.7

Version 0.4.7 is now out. The 0.4.x updates are still focused on world events and locations. This patch brings the total number of events to 17 and total locations to 13. My goal is to have ~40 events and ~20 locations in the final game. I may not finish them all before I move on to the 0.5.x series of updates, but I expect to have at least 80% of them before calling 0.4.x done.

There are still some fundamental features missing in world events, and event levels will need balancing still. Also I'd love to hear feedback on the events.

Too frequent? Too long or too short? Too easy or hard? Fun? Boring? Let me know!

  • 5 new events
  • 1 new location
  • Fix some typos
  • Event levels are now based roughly on game progression
  • Add message to dungeon map if dungeon is cleared already
  • Higher level recruits now test job requirements