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Gods & Relics Hotfix #1

[h2]Letter from the Team[/h2]

This hotfix addresses a couple of major issues we wanted to push live as quickly as possible. We hope you are enjoying the update!

Next week we will fix as many other bugs as we can and get it into your hands.

  1. Fixed issue where some players using operating systems that were not using the English language would have in-game text display problems. This is also related to some languages showing translated text - we are working on localization but it's not ready to launch yet.
  2. Fixed issue where some players could not unlock cosmetics on the new free unlock track.
  3. Fixed bug where Trinket achievement wouldn't unlock for players who had unlocked all Trinkets already.
  4. Fixed a bug where Can't Touch This achievement was failing to complete if you took damage only to shields.
  5. Fixed Surivor Bonsai stacks not removing, causing massive physical power stacks.