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Lore Secrets, Part 3: Introducing Yore!

Hello again! I'm Redbeard/Brendan back with another Lore Post to discuss the lore surrounding our new update: Gods & Relics!

For this new update, we are introducing 2 new Aspects both from the same world. These Aspects—the Chainbreaker and the Godkeeper—are Aspects from the world of Yore, a forgotten prison deep below the surface of the Sea of Ink where creations that were deemed too powerful by the Atheneum were sent to keep the rest of written creation safe. And while there are many things dangerous in the world of Inkbound, there is nothing more so than the written Gods of Mythology.

There are already traces of these Gods of mythology in Inkbound—vestiges like the “Forged Lightning Bolts,” for example, hint at a certain well-known Greek god with an electric personality— but, these Gods are nowhere to be found when you enter the Atheneum. As it turns out, they’ve been exiled from the Atheneum for some time, imprisoned in the forgotten land of Yore where their untameable power is unable to affect the other books of the Atheneum.

The Gods, naturally, weren’t too happy with being locked away. But, being Gods, they’ve been busy in their little, forgotten world, making a paradise out of a prison. For themselves, at least. For any other prisoner in Yore, creation or Binder, the Gods’ rule has made it a fate worse than mere imprisonment as any sentence in Yore means forced participation in the Godscourt.

The Godscourt! A never-ending gladiatorial battle hosted by the Gods where each God chooses a champion to fight in their stead. The Gods must be entertained, after all, and what better way to entertain than through endless violence, gambling, and competition! Should a champion win the Godscourt, they are given a slim chance to appeal to the Atheneum for their freedom or ensured glory in Yore. So, some prisoners have thrived in Yore! Champions who have won the favor of their patron God and won enough Godscourts to make them nearly gods themselves.

The Godkeeper is just one of these champions. The Aspect of a Binder named Matthew (maybe you’ve met him?), this champion was the victor of many Godscourts, most under the patronage of the written god, Zeus. Little is known of his exile to Yore, aside from it being a voluntary journey, but his exile wasn’t carried out alone, he was joined by another Binder with an Aspect called…

The Chainbreaker, the Aspect of a Binder named Samuel who chose to fight in the Godscourt without a godly patron. Instead, Samuel chose to fight for the creations trapped there, dedicating any victory he achieved to one of the imprisoned creations, as long as that creation chose to bargain for freedom instead of remaining in Yore.

The many Godscourts that Matthew and Samuel fought against each other in Yore was the beginning of the end of their relationship (a relationship you will be able to learn much more about soon when it’s detailed in a later update’s Vestige Lore!), but the Aspects that they forged in the crucible of those Godscourts are some of the strongest fighters throughout all of written creation.

I know that’s just the smallest sliver of a peek into the world of Yore (a world that might be explored even more later on??), but I hope it gives you a better idea (if slightly) of where these new Aspects come from!

Thank you all for your support for our team and of Inkbound. We couldn’t do any of what we do without you. And, we hope you’re just as excited as we are to jump into the shoes of the Aspects of the Champions of Yore! See you in the Atheneum!