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Early Access Patch 0.3.1

[h2]Letter from the Team[/h2]

We've worked hard over the last few days to try to fix a lot of the common bug reports. We are watching all feedback channels and continue to work hard to improve the game. Keep sending in the feedback - we are watching!

[h2]Release Timing[/h2]

This patch will be released at approximately 10 am PT (UTC-7) on November 1st, 2023.

[h2]Full Patch Notes[/h2]

[h3]General & Quests[/h3]
  1. Fixed a rare bug where you could get stuck in the prologue and unable to continue tutorial quests.
  2. Adjusted Daily Challenge Scoring Bonus for no damage taken.
  3. Fixed Daily Challenge Mutator Drought not reducing healing to post-boss healing fountains.
  4. Resolved issue where difficulty stat adjustments were lost after switching classes in the Sea of Ink.
  5. Fixed incorrectly named Chi Eruption augment in quest.
  6. Fixed incorrectly named Spirit Bomb augment in quest.
  7. Fixed bug where Godkeeper milestone would go missing for some players.
  8. Fixed bug with Fully Augmented Bindings Victory Board quest not completing.
  9. Fixed bug with glowing shelves in the Gardener chunk showing up without cause.
  10. Fixed bug with Rank related achievements not required a Ranked win to complete.
  11. Fixed bug with Treasure Pot Victory Board quest not completing.
  12. Updated OHM Oni power quest from 10->50.
  13. Fixed "Orb Cooldown Reduction" stat having a typo as "Orc Cooldown Reduction".
  14. Fixed bug where Trinket achievement wouldn't unlock for players who had unlocked all Trinkets already.
  15. Updated Mythos VB quest to require 6 instead of 7 to complete.
  16. Fixed a bug where Can't Touch This achievement was failing to complete if you took damage only to shields.
  17. Fixed bug where Underborn would disappear before Weaver Vestige quest could be completed.
  18. Updated the wording in the "Opposites Attract" to no longer say "Up to Uncommon" bindings.
  19. Destroying and duplicating vestiges will no longer incorrectly trigger quest objectives from temporarily adjusting the values higher before reducing them.
  20. Fixed bugs related to Binding Upgrades quests with incorrect names or not completing.
  21. Updated values of several Victory Board vestige set quests to reflect set bonus values.
  22. Updated Dodge Attacks in a Run quest to new, Blur-related quest.
  23. Fixed Hex and Shatter tooltip referencing damage increase to attack bindings instead of just damage increase (including to status effects like Burn).
  24. Fixed an issue where Blessing of Kwills was giving a Glyph for going to Vestigial Shrine instead of Binding Empowerment.
  25. Updated Blazing barrier. Damage scales based on Book number (1 damage in book 1, 2 damage in book 2, etc.), but is now capped at 2. Effectively, Blazing Barrier from 3 damage on being hit >>> 2 damage on being hit in the Cynder villain fight.
  26. Updated Blightbomb challenge buff: "Increase maxhp by 50%. When this Enemy dies it deals 1-2 damage to all players." (damage scales based on how far in the run) >>> "When this Enemy dies it deals 1-2 damage to all players." .
  27. Updated augments Seamless Constrict, Seamless Stitch, Hexing Frost, Hexing Lightning, and Hunting Spear. Can no longer be upgraded more than once, since their effects do not stack.

  1. Resolved issue where bosses would not set an attack intent at certain HP levels.
  2. Updated Lusk the Blightbag's AOE from Global AOE >>> Scaled Ring AOE.
  3. Decreased Lil'Lusk Book 1 HP from 100 >>> 50. Book 2 HP from 300 >>> 200.
  4. Increased Book 1 Captor HP from 3250 >>> 4000.
  5. Reduced Janus the Malformed direct attack scaling from 100% attack >>> 75% attack.
  6. Updated Mimic Weaver form to move back to center if pushed or pulled away.

  1. Updated Telekinesis Epic augment Critical Telekinesis Crit Damage from 60 >>> 100 to match scaling with other epic crit augments.

  1. Updated Throw Epic augment Critical Throw Crit Damage from 60 >>> 100 to match scaling with other Epic Crit augments.
  2. Fixed Lacerating Flurry and Ravaging Flurry showing up as Uncommon instead of Rare.

[h3]Star Captain[/h3]
  1. Updated Chillazer Rare augment Critical Chillazer Crit damage from 45 >>> 80 to match scaling with other Rare Crit augments.
  2. Fixed an issue with Star Captain's Mission Leader binding not giving enough Omni Power. The ascended versions have also had their tooltips fixed to match the new higher value.

  1. Fixed Combo not reducing the cost of Incendiary.
  2. Fixed some Chainbreaker ascensions missing an Attack Binding tag, preventing Invigorate to be removed.
  3. Fixed some Chainbreaker ascensions missing Physical Binding tags.
  4. While Runic Strike is in physical mode, mousing over will now state what the magic version does, and vice versa.

  1. Bloodrain Ascension now highlights which part of the ability changes when viewing it as an Ascension option.

[h3]Vestiges & Sets & Trinkets[/h3]
  1. Fixed Common vestige Burnital Gauntles tooltip saying it inflicts 2 stacks of Burn instead of 3.
  2. Updated Verdant 8: "On being healed, gain 2 maxhp." >>> "On being healed, gain 2 maxhp, once per turn." Uncapped made it too easy to gain crazy amount of maxhp (500+ maxhp builds).
  3. Fixed Common vestige Silenced Metronome not triggering on the first turn.
  4. Fixed augments Shielding Spear, Benevolent Eruption, and Deflecting Impale not being affected by shield multiplier from Contrition of Allyra.
  5. Fixed Expert Binder 9 not reducing cooldowns to 0 on picking up an orb.
  6. Fixed an issue where Blaze of Brigid triggered more often than intended.
  7. Resolved issue where set bonuses are not restored on respawn when player has died multiple times.
  8. Updated Rare vestige Withered Tracks: "You and your Allies are immune to rooted and ensnared. Does not stack." >>> "You and your Allies are immune to Rooted and Ensnared. Your movement cannot go below 20. Does not stack.".
  9. Fixed Rare vestiges Frosted Halfcharm and Scalding Halfcharm not properly granting burn/frostbite damage. Fixed them using the old effect, which was inflicting burn/frostbite on the first hit each turn.
  10. Updated Rare vestige Frosted Halfcharm. 0 frostbite damage >>> 5 frostbite damage.
  11. Updated Rare vestige Scalding Halfcharm. 0 burn damage >>> 10 burn damage.
  12. Updated Common vestige Scattered Samples: "On consuming an item in combat, gain 1 Will and 20 movement" >>> "On consuming an item in combat, gain 2 Will and 25 movement.
  13. Fixed Legendary vestige Dissassembly Prototype #12 granting the same buff with multiple of the vestige. Fixed it granting only the physical power buff with multiple stacks of the vestige.
  14. Updated Rare vestige Unearthed Relic: "On gaining shield, gain 20 omni damage until the end of turn." >>> "...end of turn. Up to three times per turn.".
  15. Updated Rare vestige Cultivated Harmonies. Rare >>> Epic.
  16. Fixed an issue where the Cracked Shackles Vestige did not have an icon for the buff it imparts.
  17. Fixed Reaver 3 granting +60 crit damage instead of +75 crit damage.
  18. Fixed Rare vestige Amulet of Floral Transposition granting omnipower instead of double attack binding.
  19. Fixed Surivor Bonsai stacks not removing, causing massive physical power stacks.
  20. Fixed Legendary vestige Byron the Talking Book buff Byron's Encouragement granting incorrect amount of Omnipower.
  21. Fixed Mythos combat counter saying 3 combats instead of 2 combats to earn the reward.
  22. Updated Shadow 2: 50 Omnipower >>> 30 Omnipower. Updated Shadow 3: 100 Omnipower >>> 70 Omnipower.
  23. Updated uncommon vestige Alchemist's Toolbelt: "On consuming an item in combat, gain 50 Omni Power" >>> "On consuming an item in combat, gain 70 Omni Power".
  24. Removed an extraneous letter S from Archaic Innards.

[h3]Draftable Bindings[/h3]
  1. Fixed Pilfer Epic augment Orb Thief spawning orb far from player. Fixed Orb Thief able to spawn orb on already Pilfered Targets.
  2. Updated Pilfer Epic augment Orb Thief. Can now be upgraded multiple times.
  3. Fixed Pilfer Uncommon augment Absorbing Pilfer able to steal HP from already pilfered Enemies.
  4. Fixed Grasp Epic augment Extracting Grasp granting an Orb each turn instead of on using Grasp.
  5. Fixed Marking Pilfer not being in Pilfer's augment pool.
  6. Fixed several augments showing up at the incorrect rarity.
  7. Fixed Grasp Epic augment Extracting Grasp not granting extra orbs when the player has multiple of the augment.
  8. Fixed Eviscerating hitting another single target in range if the first single target died.

[h3]Other Bug Fixes[/h3]
  1. Fixed smite VFX on CelestialRazor.
  2. Players can no longer move/target during cutscenes.