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Early Access Patch 0.3.2

[h2]Letter from the Team[/h2]

This update includes a number of bug fixes, balance changes, and the continuation of visualizing Aspect passive abilities to make them clearer. We've got more incremental improvements to the game coming later this month and we continue to watch all feedback channels to prioritize bugs to fix.

Thanks for playing!

[h2]Release Timing[/h2]

This patch will be released at approximately 10 am PST (UTC-8) on November 8th, 2023.

[h2]Full Patch Notes[/h2]

[h3]General & Quests[/h3]
  1. Adjusted friendly unit target selection behavior to make it easier to target other players.
  2. Fixed bug where a victory board achievement could never resolve.
  3. Fixed bug where some players could get softlocked in Vengewood + Proving Grounds quest because the Ink Repository was blocked off.
  4. Fixed bug where Burn Milestone was incrementing for non-Burn status effects.
  5. Updated VB quest related to Kwilling Hoarder and never purchasing anything to be more clear about kinds of purchases that will invalidate quest.
  6. Updated incorrect quest objective description.
  7. Updated VB quest related to Kwilling Hoarder set from 6->5.
  8. Updated the names of Mimic defeat Milestones to include their count (e.g. Mimic II, Mimic III, Mimic IV)
  9. Fixed various incorrect Augment names in quests.

  1. Right now, the 1st Guardian is in good shape difficulty-wise, but Guardian 2 and the Villain don't pose nearly as much of a threat in comparison, so we are making balance updates to try to address that.
  2. Updated some book 2 combats that were either too hard or too easy.
  3. Increased Book 2 Guardian HP from 15000 >>> 16500, except for Captor.
  4. Increased Book 2 Captor HP from 8000 >>> 10000.
  5. Increased Book 2 Nimbit HP from 250 >>> 300. Increased attack from 2 >>> 3.
  6. Updated Shadow of Ruhnstone. Decreased damage falloff for scaled AOE attack from 70% >>> 50%. Increased range from 14 >>> 15. Added scaled aoe ring from 2 rings >>> 3 rings. Slightly increased Ruhnstone hand direct attack scaling from 50% attack >>> 75% attack.
  7. Updated Argolath. Increased Tentacle base attack from 2 >>> 3. Increased Eye Beam attack scaling from 50% >>> 75%.
  8. Revised fix for boss phase change intents not always correctly being set.

[h3]Magma Miner[/h3]
  1. Increased Bonk Rare augment Scorching Bonk range.

  1. Fixed Shield Bash ascension Shield Slam showing incorrect base damage '100' instead of '165'.

[h3]Vestiges & Sets & Trinkets[/h3]
  1. Fixed an issue where the trinket "Chart of Stars" effect would persist after being exchanged with another trinket.
  2. Fixed Common vestige Scattered Samples granting 1 Will instead of 2.
  3. Updated Legendary vestige Heart of the Last Lifeless: "On your first turn, gain 10 ability power until end of combat for every 7 max hp you have." >>> "... for every 9 max hp you have.".
  4. Updated Legendary vestige Nim's Oath: +10 max hp >>> +4 max hp.
  5. Updated Legendary vestige Window to Eternal Longing: "On restoring your HP in combat, this vestige gains 10 physical damage. On your turn, restore 2 HP." >>> "On restoring your HP in combat, this vestige gains 10 physical damage, up to 3 times per turn. On your turn, restore 1 HP.".
  6. Updated Legendary vestige Sybil the Lava Lizard. "Increase maximum heat stacks by 10. On your turn, gain 5 stacks of heat." >>> "...On your turn, gain 4 stacks of heat.".
  7. Updated Legendary vestige The Stonesteel Boulder: 3 shielding >>> 1 shielding.
  8. Updated Rare vestige Uhnic Charge. Rare >>> Epic.
  9. Updated Rare vestige Pendant of the Weaver: +0 Max HP >>> +4 Max HP.
  10. Updated Uncommon vestige Frozen Heart. +0 Max HP >>> +3 Max HP.
  11. Updated Uncommon vestige Swift Hare: "On using a Binding, 30% chance to reduce its Cooldown by 1." >>> "... 50% chance to reduce its Cooldown by 1.".
  12. Updated Common vestige Whittling Mitts: "On your turn, inflict 2 stacks of Frostbite on the nearest Enemy." >>> "...inflict 3 stacks of Frostbite...".
  13. Fixed Rare vestige Poisoned Heart having a hidden effect increasing damage dealt to poisoned enemies.
  14. Updated Vigorous 3: "Gain 1 Vigor for each point of damage you take each turn, up to 4." >>> "... up to 3.".
  15. Updated Vigorous 5 >>> Vigorous 6. "Double healing done to you. Gain 1 Vigor for each point of damage you take each turn, up to 7" >>> "... up to 5.".

[h3]Draftable Bindings[/h3]
  1. Fixed Cleave ascension Eviscerate inflicting 5 stacks instead of 15 stacks of Bleed.

  1. Fixed visual issue where Logbook button in Menu Bar would glow even if quests were tracked.
  2. Changed Leaderboard entries to only be retrieved when that Logbook tab is viewed instead of every time the Logbook is opened.

  1. The Godkeeper uses a new animation for "Downwards" Binding casts.
  2. Chargers are now always in their angry idle instead of using normal or tired idle.
  3. Added new VFX to visualize Clairvoyant's Passive.
  4. Added new VFX to visualize Obelisk's Passive.
  5. Added Aspect swap VFX for Daily Challenges.