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Fallen Angel 1.0.2 Patch Notes

Hey everyone,
Since launch, there have been multiple updates that were made throughout the week. Some of these changes may have been applied earlier than others. Please if you are having issues with our game connect with us through our Discord or Discussions panel, so we fix things promptly.
Discord: https://discord.gg/Mu3w9Nj

We all appreciate all the support and positive vibes we've received these last few months, if you do enjoy the game, remember you're always welcome to share your thoughts in a review as well. Stay tuned as we will be sharing some more news and larger updates in the future!

[h2]Oct. 20-23[/h2]
-Save points now reset if they move off-screen, so you no longer need to leave the area and return to save
-Fast travel no longer respawns enemies if you choose to travel to your current location
-You can now dash out of melee attacks at any point during the animation
-Using the right stick to aim attacks will now give visual feedback
-You can now use the dash to pass through enemies
-The puzzle in the Cyberpunk Garden now hints that you need to use your inventory to solve it
-Harder enemies now guard the harder areas connected to the Cradle of Man
-Cradle of Man is now easier to navigate
-Demon time activation effect now applies to bone of the prophets and Azrael's godframe
-Players now get double stamina in co-op mode
-John no longer needs non-hostile angels around him to be dead before he feels safe talking to you
-Ramiel's supercomputers should now be damaged by explosions correctly
-Volume will now be set to 50% when the game is launched for the first time
-Tizona’s Fire trail damage has been nerfed from 1 to 0.5.
-Collision improved in multiple ways
-Dying to Abdiel now causes fewer mobs to spawn before the rematch
-Fixed bug where Abdiel would not pause after a melee attack
-Fixed bug where you could get the Twisted Ankles achievement without actually doing anything
-Fixed bug where Nebuchadnezzar would get stuck on the edge of his arena
-Fixed bug where elevators would get stuck
-Fixed bug where a sound could continue playing permanently if killed during Ramiel's fight
-Fixed bug where Ramiel's drones sometimes wouldn't look at the correct spot
-Fixed bug where demon time would be shorter at higher FPS
-Fixed bug where the Cradle of Man elevator would move faster at higher FPS
-Fixed bug where the Healing Core UI animation would spin faster at higher FPS
-Fixed bug where tentacle angels would move faster at higher FPS
-Speculative fix where Metatron's phase 3 sometimes makes the hands unable to receive damage

[h2]Oct 26 [/h2]
-Added the ability to rebind keyboard controls and gamepad controls!
-Loading times have been reduced significantly!
-Purgatory elevator’s activation hitbox has been doubled
-Reduced requirements for the Last Ophanim’s challenge
-Lucifer’s speech should now follow his head when he jumps