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Turn up the Heat with Punishment Mode

[h2]Hey everyone, [/h2]

[h2]Time to turn up the heat as Punishment mode is now available! [/h2]

There’s no rest for the wicked. Take up the mantle once more and return to the heavens for the game’s biggest update since launch!

In Punishment Mode step into a remixed, refreshed second run-through of Heaven with tougher combat and new challenges. Expect to fight bigger, stronger versions of familiar foes with enhanced abilities, and the bosses have picked up a few new tricks, too. Worse still, they’ve shared some of their power with their minions; players will find miniature (but still deadly) copies of the Archangels leading enemy squads out in the realm.

It’s not all pain and suffering here, to ease the sting and even up the odds a little, Punishment Mode moves many upgrade shrines and item boxes can be found near the beginning of Lucifer’s adventure, getting him back up to speed and ready to tackle these new threats.
If you’re returning - we hope you’ll find many quality-of-life improvements made since your last rampage through the pearly gates, including a new map system added in our last update, making traversing the heavens easier than ever before.

[h3]Punishment Mode’s Features:[/h3]
  • A remixed, harder campaign for players who thought they’d mastered Fallen Angel
  • A recolored, corrupted world to explore packed with dangerous upgraded foes
  • Longer, tougher boss fights with deadlier attack patterns
  • Deadly new mini-bosses join the ranks of enemies in the overworld
  • Quicker upgrades, to get players back into the action for round two

If you like the game or need any help, please connect with us over at our Discord or on the Steam forums. Discord: https://discord.gg/Mu3w9Nj

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[h2]Scroll down for more specific details on Punishment Mode & Enjoy! [/h2]

[previewyoutube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_E44ctyxTuM [/previewyoutube]

[h3]Punishment Mode - Detailed Breakdown: [/h3]
  • Accessible once players beat the game on normal difficulty.
  • All regular enemies may appear as larger, stronger versions of themself in the world
  • Some bosses may appear as smaller, weaker versions of themself in the world
  • Punishment hollows become immune to flinching and gain a lot of health
  • Punishment cherubs cannot be interrupted during attacks and travel faster
  • Punishment cavemen can knock down lucifer with their clubs and revive themselves
  • Punishment flame angels can shoot multiple fireballs and their explosions can hit players in the air
  • Punishment lancers are capable of striking faster depending on their color
  • Punishment tank angels will attack faster and recover from damage faster as well
  • Punishment archive drones are more aggressive and more likely to shoot at a distance
  • Punishment temple monitors can fire multiple shots in a short period of time before overheating
  • Punishment knight angels are significantly more aggressive when attacking
  • Punishment priest angels will heal other angels from farther away and run away faster
  • Punishment seraphim travel far faster
  • Punishment blade angels cannot lose their blades and fire more projectiles
  • Punishment shield angels cannot lose their shield, but attacks that used to shatter their shield will still penetrate their new and improved shields
  • Punishment tentacle angels can travel farther when biting and their projectile attack now homes in on lucifer
  • Punishment valkyries give less warning before attacking and fly towards the ground faster
  • Punishment Abdiel can hit players in the air, teleport faster, and will not stop his projectile attack until he takes damage
  • Punishment Nebuch can also hit players in the air
  • Punishment Akrasiel is less predictable and fires more shots with his gun
  • Punishment Azrael is more evasive and his worm becomes much more dangerous
  • Punishment Celestial Titan is more agile, resists a portion of damage dealt to his chest, and tries to shoot off anyone attacking his chest
  • Punishment El Cid's Tizona attack spreads out away from him
  • Punishment Gabriel's projectiles can break off into smaller pieces, he no longer prays at his shrines, and the destruction of his shrine exhausts him less
  • Punishment Michael is more willing to use ranged attacks, has improved damage with sword attacks, and enters his second phase earlier
  • Punishment Olaf is able to run around and dodge attacks significantly faster than before
  • Punishment Ophanim spends more time on each attack and has less downtime between each attack
  • Punishment Ramiel recovers from the destruction of her supercomputers faster, uses melee attacks more frequently, and can aim her laser faster
  • Punishment Ramiel's drones try harder to avoid melee attacks and attack more frequently
  • Punishment Raphael flees from melee attacks much faster and has faster shockwave attacks
  • Punishment Uriel will rampage more often and become more dangerous while doing so; she will also be willing to use her nuke attack immediately
  • Punishment Metatron has the same behavior, but their arena changes into new, dangerous patterns frequently throughout the fight
  • Punishment Ha'Satan continues to learn new tricks and try new strategies after every duel
  • Additionally, upgrade shrines and item boxes will be rearranged in Punishment Mode to be at the start of the game, allowing the player to be fully upgraded early