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Prepare to be Punished!

[h2]Hey everyone, [/h2]

We wanted to share a quick update on our newest feature and modes to come real soon.

First off we have added a map system for convenience. This new feature is found within the travel menu. We hope this will help players have a better understanding of where they are and where they should go next.

[h2]Upcoming Modes: [/h2]

[h3]Turbo Mode: (Coming Soon) [/h3]
In Turbo Mode, challenge time itself by controlling the speed modifier that goes from 0.75x to 1.5x. You’ll be able to increase or decrease the speed of the game to your liking. This setting affects spells and attacks, movement, along with your foes’ attack speeds.

[h3]Punishment Mode: (Coming Soon) [/h3]
What you can expect to experience while playing Punishment Mode will include distortion of visual changes from the normal mode along with enemy modifiers. Regular enemies will appear larger and be stronger versions of themselves; while some bosses will appear smaller and weaker. Additionally, upgrade shrines and item boxes will be rearranged in Punishment Mode to be at the start of the game, allowing the player to be fully upgraded early.


[h2]Current Available Modes: [/h2]

[h3]Normal Mode:[/h3]
Play the game in its default state.


[h3]Challenge Mode: [/h3]
While playing in challenge mode, you’re able to toggle one or multiple challenge modes to modify your journey through the pearly gates as Lucifer. In these challenge modes, you can adventure into the realms of heaven without upgrades, weapons, and even attempt at fighting the odds with your own personal ironman challenge with permadeath. Discover your new way to punish Heaven’s minions as well as yourself.

[h3]Boss Rush Mode: [/h3]
Test your angelic and demonic skills against the game’s bosses and compete on the global leaderboards. At the start of a new game, players are able to activate Boss Rush Mode. Prior to each boss fight, you can expect to find three randomized loot chests to aid you in battle. Additionally, you’ll have the option to face all the bosses in story-mode order or randomized for an extra thrill. After raising havoc to Heaven, find out on the leaderboards if you’re the fastest Lucifer around.

Thanks for all the support! Please connect with us if you like the game or are having any issues. Join our Discord or visit the Steam forums, so we can fix things promptly.

If you like the game or need any help, please connect with us over at our Discord or on the Steam forums. Discord: https://discord.gg/Mu3w9Nj