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Bandit Simulator Dev Blog #9

After all the evil doings, fist fights and kicking hen into the air, it’s to time to have some fun at the annual beer festival.

To access the festival you’ll need to earn some Bandits Respect first, but once your there, you’ll gain access to a couple of unique quests. Complete them all and you might just receive a new cool weapon or ability.

Besides, this is a beer festival so there's more than opportunity to check out your skills after a pint or two. Think you're a good brawler? We'll see how you handle your opponents when both of you are in a happy place.

How about shooting your bow? Let's jus say that hitting a shack from 15 metres might become a challenge once you get dizzy-happy.

The Beer Festival is yet another opportunity to inflict some damage on innocent pieces of pottery and NPC's. Just make sure the guards can't see you.

As for the future, we are preparing an update on the melee combat and the cool things all of you bandits will be able to do in Bandit Simulator.

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