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v0.32.1 Update

Update v0.32.1 Is Live!

I apologize for the delay on this Update, though I am sure many will be happy with the new changes :)

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[h2]Patch notes:[/h2]
  • Completely Reworked the Tool Handling System, which each tool now actively follows the cursor and then moves to the part being disassembled to remove the part, which also allows the player to see which tool they are using at any zoom level without filling screen space with more UI.

  • Reworked the way the Ingot Box Interacts with the Scrap Yard Sale Box it now moves the Box to a safe Dropping Location before emptying out the Ingots lowering the chance of Ingots becoming bugged, also added an Effect to show the Ingots are being accepted rather than just vanishing.

  • Fixed when going Back from the 'What is this Place?' dialog the Sell Ingots selection would be hidden when talking to the Scrap Yard Owner.

  • Added a 'Press [V]' UI Toggle while Interacting with the trolley to provide Info in regards to the Trolley Movement ect.

  • Restructured a lot of the Inner Components to accommodate the new Tool Handler System.

  • Fixed most of the Item Queue FX being offset.

  • Overhauled the Interact Script that handles Disassembly of Objects which should be far more optimised than before.

  • Added 2 more IC Chips (Medium, Small) and 1 Crystal Oscillator (Tiny) Variants, to more suit smaller Sub E-Waste Parts.

  • Reduced the HDD Platters and Readers from 6 to 4 to make the HDD Sub E-Waste Part less tedious.

  • Changed the Screw Collider from Sphere Colliders to Box Colliders and made them larger making them easier to click.

  • Increased the Small Capacitor Collider Size making them easier to click.

  • Made it so the RAM PCB Collider remains active while disassembling to avoid clicking though the PCB to Chips on the other side.

  • Removed the Progress Bar while disassembling as the Tool Movement and the Time Indicated when Hovering the Object should provide enough information.

  • Fixed the Bug with Ingots Duplicating on the Ingot Storage Rack when Saving the Rack with Ingots, then Removing them and Saving it Empty.

  • Fixed the Bug where the Scrap Yard Ingot List would not Update correctly when Selling/Removing Ingots Individually by removing the Auto Update to the List.

  • Fixed being able to remove the PC Mobo Before the RAM Sticks have been removed.

  • Fixed the bug were the Ingot Shelf Currently Owned amount was not being updated correctly after loading back in.

  • Made it so the Hazardous Material Bucket cannot be purchased before buying the Treated Wooden Table.

  • Added a dynamic speed reduction while using the Trolley, while the Trolley is empty you will be able to travel at full speed, though as you add items the weight of those items will reduce the speed at which you can travel using the Trolley, down to a minimum of half speed.

  • Added the ability for objects that are being picked up to enable the Physics of Objects it crashes into, which should help with it being difficult removing objects from the Parts box or under another object.

  • Made it so Queued Disassembly Item Weights are taken into account, so that the Max Carry weight is not overshot by objects that were queued.

  • Added the Trolley to the Intrusion Checker when Purchasing Buyable Upgrades.

  • Redesigned the Crystal Oscillator Models to fix FX offsets.

  • Restructured the Input System to not allow any form of Controller like device to send input to the Player Character.

  • Fixed being able to remove the Inner Screws before Removing the Lid on the HDD.

  • Fixed the Gold Corner BGA Chip (Primarily in the DVD Drive Sub Part) not playing it's animation on disassembly.

  • Added the ability to Invert the Horizontal and Vertical Input of the Mouse in the Gameplay Settings Tab.

  • Reverted to a default weather profile until the constant Thunder Storm bug in the Australian weather profile is fixed and stable.

  • Fixed the bug where the Date would show '2022' instead of '2007' for the first day.