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v0.32.3 Update

Update v0.32.3 Is Live!

[h2]Patch notes:[/h2]
  • Added an Auto-Save Feature that automatically saves your Data after Sleeping, which is enabled by default, though can be toggled off through the Gameplay Settings.

  • Fixed the bug with the Scrap Yard Payment was repeating each day along with Power Bills if you Receive and Pay the Bill on Monday and then Save before advancing to Tuesday and Return you would be presented a new bill.

  • Fixed the Bug where if a Component is clicked on a specific frame between Queued objects it would sometimes become bugged and not fully Disassemble, by restructuring the method that determines whether or not to Immediately Disassemble the Component, or Send it off to the Queue, or Send it to the Tool Handler.

  • Fixed the bug with Energy getting out of sync by completely reworking the energy system, it now runs of a direct percentage of the current playable time (7am -11:30pm = 1670 Seconds/27.8 Minutes) - The energy is now dictated by a percentage value between the Current Playable Time and Time Passed in Day rather than 1 Game Minute reducing 1 Unit of Energy which had proven unreliable and tricky to sync back up.

  • Along with the above Energy Rework the Values have been tweaked a little in regards to tiredness - Energy Bar now remains Green for 85% (from 7am to 8:50pm), then Yellow from 15-7.5%(8:50pm to 10:10pm), then Red from 7.5-3%(10:10pm to 10:50pm) and Flashing Red from 3-0%(10:50pm to 11:30pm) - You can now also sleep when the Energy Bar turns Yellow rather than Red.

  • Fixed the bug where if you got kicked out of Disassembly mode by being overly tired it could lockup the Disassembly or Tool Script if the player was in the middle of removing a part - It now starts a loop and constantly checks to see until the player is idle and can safely stop.

  • Removed the 'I should stop walking before releasing the Trolley' Text from the Trolley, it will now remain blank while moving to stop the flicker of On/Off text due to the Slight Head bob while walking.

  • Changed the Hardware Store Open time from 8am to 7am, and the Close time from 7pm to 5pm to resemble more realistic Australian Hardware Store operating hours and to create a little bit of Diversity between the shop Operating Hours.

  • Fixed the SSD Memory Chip animations.

  • Called the 'ReplaceAllObjects' to fix any Bugged objects from the prior Updates.