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v0.32.4 Small Update

Update v0.32.4 Is Live!

[h2]Patch notes:[/h2]
  • Fixed the bug where Objects attached to the Disassembly Table when Loading in would often have their physics enabled which made them jitter around and or fall through the table when in Disassembly Mode.

  • Fixed the bug with Certain Final Objects of an E-Waste Object would Bug the Queue.

  • Fixed the Bug where removing an Empty Case and adding it back to the Disassembly Table would cause the Case Collider to not enable making it uncollectable.

  • Redesigned the Environment a little bit which removes the instant drop-offs and other unfinished looking parts, and added a small forest style to help fill in the wide open areas.

  • Added a 'Save File Directory' Button to the Main Menu and the In-Game Pause Menu for ease of accessing Scrapping Simulator Save File and Backups.