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Major Update - v0.33

[h2]Updates to v0.33[/h2]
  • Made it so if an object crashes into a Object that is attached to the Disassembly table it now releases it from the desk when it's physics are enabled.

  • Added a General Waste Bin that resides out the front of the Players House, you can add upto 30kg (30,000g) of Waste Material here which will be collected every Tuesday Morning, this also adds an addition Waste Collection Service fee of $74.95 which is delivered to your mailbox every Monday Morning.

  • Added an In-Game Radio which can play Music added by the User by clicking the 'Save File Directory' button, navigating to the 'Radio' Folder and placing .MP3 (only) files here. Note that if the game is running and the radio is active any changes to the folder will not be made until either the 'refresh_radio' command is entered or returning to the menu and going back in-game, which will allow the radio to re-load the files, if no custom files are detected the Default Non-Copyrighted Background Music will play.

  • The Radio can be purchased from the Hardware Store for the price of $49.95 - along with the Radio addition the old Background Music has been disabled, the Tracks have been added as the default tracks for the Radio, the 'Music' Slider in the Audio Settings now controls the volume of the Radio.

  • Reworked the Crucible interface to be more uniform with the theme.

  • Fixed the bug where the players speed would not go back up until you run when releasing the Trolley.

  • Added '[TAB]' Text to the Backpack Button showing that the it can be opened with the Tab Button.

  • Reworked the Ingot Carry Box to work off an ID Based System which will resolve the ingots floating Bug and will be far more performant both during Runtime and while Saving/Loading.

  • Fixed the the 'wobbly/alien' sounds being produced by Planes and other Moving Audio Sources.

  • Reworked the Mailbox system which now has it's own UI and will display Available Due Bills which can be accessed by Pressing [E] on the Mail Box.

  • Reworked the Raw Material Storage Buckets UI and Adjusted the Available weight from 30kg to 15kg for them to resemble a more realistic weight limit for the size of the bucket, Any Saved Materials will remain above the new limit if they had exceeded it, though no more can be added until below the new limit.

  • Implemented 'Coupons' into the Mailbox system which gives either a Discount on Purchases or Boost in Sales at the listed Shop for the Day which can also Stack with Perk Boosts.

  • Reworked and re-added the Settings on the Main Menu - Which now properly communicates between the Main Menu and Main Game Scene and settings will no longer be reverted and saved as default when returning to the main menu - Settings values are no longer saved the moment the value is changed, the values are only saved upon pressing the 'Save & Apply' Button, which eliminates the Default values being saved to file when initializing the settings.

  • Implemented a Crypto Mining feature to the PC which gives you the ability to Mine Crypto at the expense of power usage, your Crypto coin will be stored on your PC and can be withdrawn into Cash at anytime - You can also Deposit any spare cash.

  • Reworked the Interaction with objects while in Disassembly Mode, hovering select Interactable Objects such as the Radio, Light and Tools will now have UI to show controls related to that Object.

  • Added Some UI Text when Hovering External Application Buttons, such as the 'Help_Me' Page, Furnace Help Button, Pause Menu 'Links' Buttons etc, to warn that it opens an Application outside the Game.

  • Fixed select data not being updated before triggering the Auto Save.

  • Corrected some Typos in the Commands List.

  • Added an extra Decimal number to Cash Added/Removed values to represent a more accurate values being added/deducted, as well as showcasing the value in a more traditional style value of: $45.74 rather than rounding to $45.7 for example.

  • Re-worded the 'Content Creators Notice' to be more brief and to the point.

[h2]HOTFIXES to v0.33[/h2]
  • Added Disposing of Empty Chemical Bottles/Boxes to the Material Manager which now displays the amount of Materials being added to your Inventory when disposing of the Chem Containers.

  • Fixed the bug where the Scrap Yard Ingots where the Amounts would become frozen, due to saving on a previous update that had used a different system initially.

  • Removed the Bug Colliders from both the Furnace and Chem Set to save falsely sending objects to the Lost & Found Box.

  • Adjusted the Gold/Silver Ingot Mould so it is no longer Inside the Table.