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Hot Fix v0.32.2

Hot Fix v0.32.2 is now available.

This is just a small patch to fix a few bugs contained within v0.32.1

[h2]Patch Notes:[/h2]
  • Fixed the bug where Objects were freezing mid-air while Carrying.

  • Fixed the Disk Spinner Collider Size on the DVD Drive Sub E-Waste Part.

  • Added a temporary fix for the bug when a Component becomes Stuck, you can now pickup and drop the object back onto the Disassembly Desk and it will be removed allowing you to continue scrapping.

  • Fixed being able to exit disassembly mode with queued object(s) or when the Tool is Moving toward a Component by pressing Escape.

  • Fixed the Saved Trolley Rotation not correctly being applied when Loading in.

  • Fixed the Scrap Yard UI stacking the Ingots onto the first slot.

  • Fixed Time/Energy becoming bugged after sleeping.