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12/8/22 - Chaos Chain Update 1.5.2 - Autosave Feature

Chaos Chain

Salutations, dwellers...

This update comes after talking to a bunch of players and getting their feedback on the save system in game. You'll now have autosaves to help you out!

*Please note that these changes are not in any particular order.*

[h2]Update 1.5.2 Change Log:[/h2]

Bug Fixes:
  • Popup text on screen will now automatically delete itself if the menu is opened (It won't get stuck on screen anymore if you open a menu or something while it is visible)
  • Fixed a bug where resting weather changes could only be of a few different types (Was leftover from testing)
  • Fixed a bug where being indoors when the weather changed would cause the toxic weather system to not activate when necessary
  • Fixed some environment pathing issues

Changes & Additions:
  • Quest completions/failures/starts will now force an autosave in slot 7 - These do NOT use memory chips
  • Slot 7 for the save slots is now named "Autosave" and cannot be manually saved over in game
  • The workbench dialogue is now instantly displayed so it doesn't have to type the whole thing out each time you use it
  • Sped up text display for dialogue tree beginnings
  • Some optimization to the rain drop system for performance
  • Improved some graphics for the environment with more detail
  • Changing equipment in combat now takes an entire turn (You cannot freely re-equip constantly in combat, if you choose to change equipment, you lose the turn)
  • Added PDA popup alerts for when toxic weather begins and ends
  • Added some new NPC character sprites
  • Added a few more NPCs to various areas
  • Cleaned up and removed some old code
  • Optimized some systems that are always running
  • Deprecated some excessive and obsolete code that really did nothing but cause some extra processing bloat

Please let me know of any bugs or issues you may encounter so I can fix them. The update will be available shortly.

That's all for now, enjoy!

-Corrosion ːCStudiosː