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Version 0.6.04 Update

[h2]Patch Notes[/h2]
  • Saved player quest data now refreshes itself from the database whenever a game loads. This should fix any player questlines that were previously bugged - e.g. if players had Charmed the Emberian before version 0.6.02 and couldn't buy the key.
  • Added a permanent small crosshair to help players feeling motion sickness. In future updates this may be toggle-able in options, rather than always-on.
  • Added a new 'Quick Start' slot when starting the game. If there is no data in a slot, players can now choose to 'Quick Start' a save - that will bypass the tutorial and give players some basic items. This mode will only be available during Early Access.
  • The Weapon Shop in Hallow Town will now restock Iron Ore and Fine Ore in single amounts, giving players a renewable source of ore (this may change later in development, as more finite sources of ore are added to the game).
  • Tweaked shop restock code to prevent items appearing in multiple stacks. Shops will now also restock immediately when a new game is started, instead of after the first day has passed (this was causing certain stock to only appear on day 2).
  • Improved dialogue animations for The Emberian, triggering her to move during dialogue.
  • Some general performance tweaks that should improve framerates.
  • Player must now have started the Emberian quest to ask the Wobbly Noggin barkeep about her.
  • Returning to the Main Menu now clears the Notification queue, preventing a backlog of notes.
  • Adjusted the rope bridge leading to the Wobbly Noggin, where players could get stuck.

[h3]Bug Fixes:[/h3]
  • Possibly fixed a bug that prevented the home spell from being usable on certain players' computers
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the Endless Queen's throne from appearing, along with other assets in the Castle of Ribs.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the player from passing the Charm test for the Emporium of Oddities shopkeep.
  • Fixed a bug causing an early tutorial NPC to T-pose.
  • Fixed a bug that would temporarily prevent players from casting spells if they tried to cast while drinking a potion.
  • Fixed a bug with the Golden Typhos quest, where the player couldn't give the artifact to the merchant.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing players from dying, getting them stuck in a near-death state.
  • Fixed a bug with the Player House system that was causing Thornwood Manor to load incorrectly on new saves.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the Vierme in Thornwood Manor from speaking to the player.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing multiple Crystal Save Points to be 'active' at once.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Jack Basalt in the Wobbly Noggin to only appear after the player had rested in a bed.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the Emberian from disappearing from the ruins after she had been recruited.
  • Fixed descriptions that previously indicated that Rustburg was south-west, not south-east.
  • Fixed a small bug with the alchemy system that would cause some errors behind the scenes.
  • Fixed some bad clipping where players could get stuck in Vela's Fortress, The Blinding Light.
  • Fixed an Inquisition Banner that would not move along with the Inquisition Ship it was attached to.


And as always, please post any issues you come across or feedback you may have in the Discussion Forums.