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Omega Strikers - July 20th Micropatch | Update Notes


Hey gamers, been a while! ...Okay, it's been a week. In today's micropatch, we're continuing our buff-heavy trend with a lot of Strikers who are falling just below the mark. And we're rounding that off with some Gear and Awakening changes. Again, only buffs. Because they're more fun.

Ok but first maybe one nerf. Dubu is the king of Dubs. He's been consistently the winningest goalie at all ranks, and now wears the crown at high level play, too. Heavy is the (proportionally smaller) head that wears the crown, so tuning him down a bump. His competitors are pretty close by, and we don't want to lower the strength of goalies too much more.


    • Cooldown :: 35s → 40s

Era is speccing into Fly mode. Allies are going to be shooting out of the gates with this buff.


    • Initial Speed :: 40% → 60%

    • Min Speed :: 10% → 15%

Finii has some really complex magic tricks. No, seriously, she's very hard to play! Some might even say 3-star difficulty? While she has some really high highs, we are giving her some more consistent damage to... consistently contribute with.


    • Hiitbox linger lifetime :: .25s → .15s

    • PvP Knockback and Damage :: 140 (+70% Power) → 160 (+80% Power)

    • Core Knockback :: 1260 (+140% Power) → 1300 (+160% Power)


    • Cooldown :: 40s → 35s

    • PvP Knockback and Damage :: 180 (+90% Power) → 200 (+100% Power)

    • Core Knockback :: Unchanged

Speaking of tricky tricks and difficulty: Rune has also struggled for a long time to get a foothold. While there are definitely Rune masters, they are few and far between. For this set of buffs, we're bringing up his Core controlling potential.


    • Cooldown :: 7.5s → 7s

    • Fully formed duration :: 1.5s → 1.75s

Octavia is still the least favored twin (among players. We have no data to suggest which of the two are the parents' favorite). We're giving her a tiny buff that'll help give her more pressure and bridge the gap for Flow State.


    • Cooldown :: 8s → 7.5s

X was the best. Now he's the rest. As in, he's RESTing on the sidelines behind all the other bruisers. We're letting him ring some following the last micropatch. Ding ding ding!


    • PvP Knockback and Damage :: 185 (+92.5% Power) → 200 (+100% Power)

    • Core Knockback :: 1350 (+185% Power) → 1380 (+200% Power)

The blade has been studied. The mastery is complete. Zentaro has sliced and diced competition on every map and in every way imaginable. It's time we dulled his sword. (Don't say we didn't warn you last patch!)


    • Cooldown :: 16s → 18s

    • PvP Knockback and Damage :: 180 (+90% Power) → 160 (+80% Power)

    • Core Knockback :: 1340 (+180% Power) → 1300 (+160% Power)

For this round, no rotations! Just simple, old-fashioned, good-natured, well-meaning buffs. The options below were underperforming, so we're giving them slight nudges in the right direction. The buffed direction.

  • Powerhouse Pauldrons

    • Power :: 20 → 30

  • Egoist

    • Lingering Haste :: 5% → 10%

  • Fire Up!

    • Energy Share Percent :: 15% → 25%

  • Hot Shot

    • Core hit amplifier :: 10% → 12%