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Omega Strikers - August 3rd Micropatch | Update Notes


We're here again with a buff and surprise filled micropatch, guaranteed fun for kids of all MMRs! While we love buffs as much as the next person, some evasive characters didn't escape our grasp this time around as they've been too stronk in the upper echelons of play and DESERVE the nerf bat. That being said, we hope you all have fun out there and stay tuned for some big changes on the horizon! (New season soon?? Pausechamp?)

She's still more trick(y to play) than magic. We're giving her a few more attempts at sleight of hand and a sturdier frame to boot so she can stay on stage.


    • Cooldown :: 8s → 7s

  • Stagger Gain Over Levels :: 375 → 425

When it comes to brawling and lethality, it's no surprise that Juno can't hang. Though, with a little help, she might be able to take it, SURVIVE, and let the Blobbos do their work.

  • Stagger Gain Over Levels :: 375 → 425

Kai used to set the pace for goalies and forwards. These days, picking Kai forward might send you a bit backward. We're giving him some buffs that will hopefully make him blaze along more freely in the midfield.


    • HASTE Duration :: 3s → 4s

  • Stagger Gain Over Levels :: 375 → 425

Vyce has toed the line of nerfs since her release. She's been a staple of brawling based teams and is finally getting some of her most consistent damage tuned down to a lower chord. Where does that leave her on the tier list now? B flat? Sorry. Bad joke.


    • PvP Knockback and Damage :: 185 (+92.5% Power) → 170 (+85% Power)

    • Core Knockback :: 1350 (+185% Power) → 1320 (+170% Power)

    • Chaining LIGHT Hits PvP Knockback and Damage :: 120 (+60% Power) → 110 (+55% Power)

    • Chaining LIGHT Hits Core Knockback :: 878 (+120% Power) → 858 (+110% Power)

Zentaro is the most banned Striker in the high elos, in part due to his blade just being literally everywhere. We're slowing down his tirade by increasing his cooldowns. He might miss a stuffing opportunity or two now.


    • Number of hits required :: 10 → 12

      • (This won't show up in-game but it's there. Source: just trust me bro)


    • Cooldown :: 35 → 40

As a general approach, we're buffing options that are more defensive or rooted in utility and nerfing those that contribute to damage. We also eyed some outliers that were clearly out of whack!
[h3]Big Fish[/h3]
Size is a really strong stat! Both Big Fish and Built Different continue to overperform, so we're pulling back specifically their size buffs (but leaving other bonuses in the game alone).

  • Size Gain :: 35% → 30%

[h3]Built Different[/h3]
Size is a really strong stat! Both Big Fish and Built Different continue to overperform, so we're pulling back specifically their size buffs (but leaving other bonuses in the game alone). (I just copied and pasted this from above lol)

  • Size Gain :: 35% → 30%

[h3]Catalyst [/h3]
Catalyst is underperforming a little bit on average, but it does have pop-off moments for multi-hitters which didn't feel all that appropriate. So we're giving it a bit of a... burf? The offensive pop-off moments should be less egregious, but it should be much better when you're actually tanking hits. Like a LOT BETTER. Maybe even twice as good? Quick maths.

  • Additional Energy Gained on Hit :: 50% → 20%

    • Energy gained on taking Hit:: 3 (1 for LIGHT hits) → 6 (2 FOR LIGHT hits)

Alright, we get it you egomaniacs. When you take Egoist, you want the ball and you're gonna score. This should help.

  • Energy Refund for Evade :: 5 → 10

  • Energy Refund for Burst :: 15 → 20

As the preeminent Core Control option, it's not surprising to see Hotshot struggling when brawling is on the table. Hopefully this will be a small shift in the larger swing of tides.

  • Cooldown Refund :: 30% → 35%

[h3]Perfect Form [/h3]
Perfect Form performed pretty poorly even for its prime people. It should be a more-perfect form after this.

  • Hits reduce other ability cooldowns by :: 12% (4% for LIGHT hits) → 15% (5% for LIGHT hits)

[h3]Powerhouse Pauldrons [/h3]
Giving another buff to this Gear for goalies to deal with brawlers up in their business.

  • Damage Reduction :: 15% → 20%

[h3]Prize Fighter[/h3]
While Prize Fighter isn't the most popular of pick-ups, it can be very dominant when it's taken, so we're knocking it down a peg.

  • Power Per Stack :: 25 → 20

[h3]Extra Special[/h3]
The happy star is now a slightly more emotionally neutral star.

  • Cooldown reduction :: 40% → 30%