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Omega Strikers - August 17th Micropatch | Update Notes


Hey gang, it's your friends here at Odyssey Interactive with another micropatch for you all! As the name suggests, this patch is indeed micro! We've got some summery things in the mix on the way, so stay tuned for that!! For now. though, read these patch notes. It's required by law.

The boy is still dominating the net with no regard for human, or opposing giant hamster thing, life.


    • Cooldown :: 8s → 9s

We created a new stagger grouping in the last micropatch for Kai, Juno, and Finii. Era should fit in this grouping better than the heavy weights she was previously with.

  • Stagger Growth over levels :: 500 → 425

Juno doesn't excel at dishing out damage but she should excel at avoiding it. Giving her some more opportunities to be elusive.


    • Cooldown :: 10s → 9s

[h3]One-Two Punch[/h3]
One-Two Punch has notable high moments (like Juliette looking at you sideways) but despite some of its best users being great in the meta, it wasn't performing great on a whole. We're boosting its brawlin' effect a tiny bit but amping up its Core Hit a bigger bit so it can be used for goals or powerful passes too!

  • Hit amplifier for second hit within 2.5s :: 25% → 30%

  • Core Hit amplifier :: 5% → 15%

[h3]Rapid Fire[/h3]
Rapid Fire used to be a go-to pickup. Ole reliable. Nowadays, it's bland, overshadowed, and weaker than other options. We're bumping up the rapidity of the fire so it will get rapidly selected in drafts.

  • PRIMARY cooldown reduction :: 33% → 40%

[h3]Stacks on Stacks[/h3]
The pancakes withstood the previous nerf and remained one of the best pickups in the game. We're toning down the reward for stacking up once again.

  • Speed per Stack :: .15% → .12% (30% Speed at Max Stacks → 24%)

[h3]Twin Drive[/h3]
Charges are real powerful! We're reducing the extra sweetness of Twin Drive to make up for it. Primetime is in our sights, but it needs more extreme work. That'll be in the coming larger patch.

  • SECONDARY cooldown reduction :: 10% → 5%