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Omega Strikers - Season 2 Patch Notes | Summer Splash



Our fattest update yet, this patch features a TON of stuff. A CRAZY new striker, two crazy new maps, a new Striker Pass, new skins, and of course, AN ENTIRE VISUAL NOVEL. RIGHT THERE. IN THE GAME.
With great changes comes great patch notes, so let's jump right into it. There's A LOT.


Yeah, you read that correctly. There's an ENTIRE VISUAL NOVEL now in Omega Strikers for Summer Splash.
Head to the beach with Asher, Juno, Estelle, X, Juliette, or Dubu! Progress through the event, hang out with your new friends, get to know them better, and unlock new stuff in game! There's even missions for you to complete, some of which will even grant you fresh new titles and emotes!
[h3][NEW] Inky's Splash Zone[/h3]

  • We have a brand new map that's incredibly interactive and breaks the boundaries of our previous designs! It's always summer at Inky's Splash Zone, always wild, and everyone is always prone to getting SOAKED. When you take down a barrier on this map, the corner without the barrier turns into a KO zone and gives your team access to a water blaster that'll knock enemies into the deep end.

[h3][NEW] Gates of Obscura[/h3]

  • The Gates of Obscura take us in a different direction than the fun-loving Splash Zone. Here, we'll explore the depths of the void and source of Rune's power. The portals on the map will possibly get you turned-around and upside-down, but once you master them, you can melt the brains of your enemies and dominate the map. There's crazy new angles on this map and things will get even spicier in Overtime, so keep your head on a swivel.

[h3]Maps Rotation[/h3]
Like Awakenings, we'll now rotate maps in and out on occasion to highlight new options and improve the meta.

  • Rotated Out: Ahten City and Demon Dais will have their places taken by the new maps: Inky's Splash Zone and Gates of Obscura.
  • Maps' Chance to Roll: Historically it's been completely equal, but for the first weekend, Inky's Splash Zone will have a higher chance to appear! We'll probably highlight Gates of Obscura down the road as well!

[h2]UI / Systems[/h2]

  • Recast abilities now have a slightly different icon background color when they're reactivatable. Applies to:

    • Ai.Mi's PRIMARY

    • Era's SPECIAL

    • Finii's SPECIAL

    • Rasmus's SECONDARY

    • Vyce's SECONDARY

    • X's STRIKE


  • It's (soft) reset time! Congratulations on your climb for this season. We hope you climbed to where you wanted and didn't tilt into oblivion. Let's see what new heights you can soar to in Season 2!

    • Almost everyone will end up in silver or below, with the highest ranks (challenger and above) resetting to gold or platinum.

Yeah there's A LOT OF NEW SKINS. Some in the shop, some in the Striker Pass!

  • Summer Splash

    • Asher

    • Juno

    • Estelle

    • X

    • Dubu

    • Juliette

  • Spirit Warden Zentaro

    • Blackheart Spirit Warden Zentaro

    • Ghostwood Spirit Warden Zentaro

  • Red Rose Estelle

  • Cat Butler Kai

[h2]Striker Pass[/h2]

  • There's a new Striker Pass in the shop, full of tons of new goodies!
    • Grindable XP has been reduced by about 25% compared to the Season 1 pass

We've seen some higher lethality overall during the early stages of matches than we'd like. We're giving strikers a bit more breathing room before the brawl becomes overwhelming.

  • Base Stagger :: 1125 → 1200

[h3][NEW] Kazan[/h3]
Say hello to our little frenzied enforcer. Kazan is... crazy, but he's got a soft side for family. Much like his personality, he has a wild and unique playstyle where he utilizes his umbrella in a variety of different ways - swapping forms, leaping about the map, and comboing his abilities together to be our most mechanically challenging Striker to date. He's here to lend Clarion Corp a little extra muscle in exchange for their help curing his big Sis.


    • Knock the Core with a LIGHT hit that has greater force generated by the point of the umbrella.


    • Dash a short distance, passing by all targets.


    • Float up in the air, becoming Elusive. Elusive targets are invulnerable and untargetable.


    • Hook all enemies in a line towards you.


    • LIGHTLY hit all enemies in a line, pushing them towards the top of the umbrella. The umbrella will then spin rapidly, dealing multiple LIGHT hits leading up to a final, more powerful flourish..


    • Pop open or Retract the umbrella, unlocking a different set of abilities per form.
      Maddening Descent: While floating from Carried Away, reactivate to dive downwards and slam all nearby enemies.
      Pop-Up: During The Slip, popping the umbrella will hit all nearby enemies and stop the dash.

[h3]Finii [/h3]
Finii is not really winiing so we're reducing her Special cooldown. While we expect this to be an overall buff, we do have bugfixes that will also make the BIG FINISH slightly more fair for opponents to play around.


    • Cooldown :: 35s → 30s

    • The Core now can escape Big Finish noticeably easier especially when Energy Burst is used

    • [BUGFIX] No longer slows or vacuums enemies who are EVASIVE

    • [BUGFIX] Finii ultimate no longer incorrectly holds on to the core when being hit with Energy Burst

    • [BUGFIX] Implemented a likely fix to a rare bug where Finii ultimate would crash custom games.

      • If this still occurs, please let us know.

We're giving Juno more control over Blobbos, especially for chained hits. The commands to Blobbos have to be made within a tighter window, but Blobbos will also hold the Core for a tad longer while waiting for Juno's command.


    • Blobbos hold time :: .15s → .25s

    • Blobbos speed (as a % of Juno's) :: 90% → 100%

    • Strike override (Juno's command to direct Blobbo's) linger duration :: .75s → .25s

    • [NEW] :: Juno's Strike cooldown refreshes when a Blobbo uses Juno's strike override direction


    • [BUGFIX] Juno can now consistently strike the Core underneath her while she's jumping

Her inventiveness has her more prepared than the average Striker to explore new maps!


    • [NEW] Now extends duration when teleporting (relevant for Gates of Obscura)

Trying to fix more bugs on one of our more... bug prone Strikers.

  • [BUGFIX] Can now cast primary during her secondary without the ability cancelling

  • [BUGFIX] Primary shield has had some bug fixes to prevent the core from going through it. Again.

Even with recent buffs, Hotshot is still more like warmshot. We're touching it up to really push the pace.

  • Core Hit amplifier :: 12% → 15%

  • [BUGFIX] Description updated to include the maximum refund amount

[h3]Momentum Boots[/h3]
Momentum Boots have been dominating the goalie gear slot for a while. By taking the Speed down a notch, they'll grant less coverage of the goal arc.

  • Movement Speed per Stack :: 1.75% → 1.5%

  • Max Movement Speed over 10 seconds :: 22.5% → 20%

The time has been prime for too long. We're taking serious swings because it was simply the best for too many characters.

  • Hit Amp :: 5% → 0%

  • Hit Reduction :: 0% → 10% (2% for Core)

  • Standard recast time between charges :: .5s → 1.5s

    • Drek'Ar's recast timing is unchanged

[h3]Strike Shot[/h3]
Accidentally got shortened in 2.3, we're finally bringing it back to its previous glory.

  • [BUGFIX] No longer unintentionally shorter. Missile speed corrected as well.


  • [BUGFIX] Speed buff is no longer lost when another haste effect is applied

[h3]Monumentalist [/h3]

  • [BUGFIX] Now correctly increases damage and knockback for:

    • Ai.Mi special

    • Finii Special

    • Asher Special


  • A new set of Orb trainings can be found in Quickplay!

  • Ai.Mi Secondary no longer locks her out from using eject button slightly longer than intended

  • Dubu Special no longer sends the Core flying at mach 5 (it'll still go fast, but won't break the Core speed cap)

  • Rasmus's and Drek'ar's SECONDARIES are now appropriately tagged as BUFFS (previously just HASTES).

  • Heavy Impact should now work when an ability hits two friendly units

  • Tactical callouts probably work correctly now all the time. (Probably. We did some stuff and can't reproduce the bug any longer, but it may still occur. Let us know if it does.)

  • Fixed a bug that caused some players to experience some issues when entering overtime when playing in non-english languages

  • Emotes and tactical callouts should no longer get stuck above player's heads for the whole game.

  • Added missing tags on the following abilities: (gameplay unchanged)

    • Added Melee Tag to Zentaro Special

    • Added Buff tag to Rasmus Secondary

    • Added buff tag to Drek'ar Secondary

  • Can now activate Night Market speed gates while elusive.

  • Fixed a bug causing Rasmus to lose Twin Drive benefits if his secondary was recast at the last second.

  • Kai Special now properly explodes when hitting targets at close range.

  • Fixed a rare bug that caused Juno to become stuck in her secondary.

  • Fixed a bug that caused some players to report extremely incorrect latency values, which resulted in poor server placement

  • Made some additional stability improvements to Dubu special to prevent the core from passing through it.
  • Deadeye now correctly applies to all Secondary abilities