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Lost Fleet News

Update 9 Released


  • Added ‘Call for healing’ button (default: ‘left ctrl’) assigns the closest Camel repair drone without orders to assist you, press multiple times for multiple healers. Counts as a command so Camel will stick with you until you die or someone gives it another order in command mode (default clear order hotkey in command mode is now ‘backspace’).
  • Added sell ship ('g') and target lock closest ship (‘mouse 3’) hotkeys. You may need to reset your key bindings if you've played on an older build or set new binds if you use custom hotkeys.
  • Improved turret and autocannon consistency & responsiveness for clients.
  • Carriers will now automatically form up around the Mothership unless given an order.
  • Carrier secondary ability now commands your fighters to attack your current target, press a second time to let your fighters pick their own targets.
  • Pulse lasers: Audio pitch rises with heat buildup, added smoke when overheating, added missing muzzle effect to Raven.
  • Infinite Mode: Reworked spawning system with better enemy placement and improved performance.


  • Fleet level perks no longer spam the firing range with extra ships.
  • Fix for AI controlled autocannon turrets not appearing to fire for clients.
  • Fixed bad video memory setting that would cap texture resolution at a lower value than intended.
  • Fix for fighter escorts skipping range estimation and nuzzling escort targets.
  • Fix for end of match stats text persisting past server restart.
  • Fixed fleet perks not resetting at end of match.
  • Holding the middle mouse button no longer disables steering.
  • Removed old drift mode setting from control bindings.
  • Metallic Clouds NPC’s: Fixed excessively loud death sounds, missing beam weapon sounds, resized wreckage.
  • Removed overlapping text in tab menu player score card.
  • Fixed esc menu activating HUD in lobby.
  • In-game esc menu now hides the HUD.
  • Updated Hammerhead reticle.

Balance Changes:

  • Increased Mothership armor from .5 to 1, fixed strafing thrust was 10x intended value.
  • Mothership hangar no longer scales to player count, always spawns 5 Mules.
  • Removed extra refinery from Versus mode.
  • Adjusted map 2b (bleu belt) spawn waves to prevent early Titan wave.
  • Added stronger late spawn waves to map M3b “Abyss”.
  • Adjusted stage 4 enemy spawns to be more gradual.
  • Reworked Hammerhead reload stats for more uptime, added reload sounds.
  • Adjusted Zeus boost stats and effects to bring it in line with other ships.
  • Increased Talon health from 150 to 180, Boxer from 150 to 210.
  • Increased Paladin health from 1800 to 2000, armor from 2 to 4.
  • Increased Paragon flak turret damage to 10 damage, 1.5 area damage.

Update 8 Released to main branch!


  • Menu overhaul, changed layout to be more controller friendly, added sound feedback and improved UI consistency. Still a work in progress, main menu background video is placeholder. Renamed skirmish to versus mode.
  • New and improved HUD reduces screen clutter and improves contact reticle layout.
  • Ship trackers in the top left of the screen now animate when under attack, clicking them focuses your camera on that ship.
  • Increased health of all ships by ~50%, for more detailed balance changes check out the Megathread .
  • New fleet leveling system to replace the old 'Donate to Refinery' fund button. Your fleet gains xp from income: mining, collecting scrap from kills, side objectives, etc. The end goal is fleet level awards a passive perk such as free support ships, stat modifiers, passive abilities. Some of these will be random, others like refinery support will be the same each playthrough.
  • The UI for this is still being worked on, right now perks fill in your fleet with support ships that were a pain to keep track off in multiplayer. Refinery's are earned at levels 1 and 4. Mothership repair drone hanger at Level 2, Artemis at level 3. Pegasus at level 5. Fleet level resets after each match.
  • This should help fix the problem of single player teams being able to snowball their refinery count early on compared to teams with multiple players or bots that had to split their income.
  • Infinite mode improvements: Reworked resource spawning (one asteroid is guaranteed to spawn relatively close to the mothership), reduced map size, removed enemy gates directly above and below the mothership, improved spawn positioning, new spawn lists (balance pass and NPC variety). Reworked a number of systems to increase balance consistency.
  • Campaign mode balance pass: adjusted spawns, positioning, map sizes, new NPC enemies in stage 5c ‘Metallic Clouds’. Set fixed positions for resource spawns on 1st campaign map.
  • Added resource asteroid types with different mining speeds and resource yields.
  • Ships launched from carriers now spawn from inside them and no longer play warp effects.
  • Changed default command mode hotkey to spacebar, renamed tooltip to clarify 'map mode' is for giving ship commands.
  • Background work to support future Steam rich presence support.


  • Fixed discrepancy between acceleration of AI fighters and player ones, AI ships now less aggressive with boosts when pursuing a target.
  • Several new sounds, volume changes, fixed certain bullet impact sounds not respecting the master volume setting.
  • Fixed inconsistent tracker icons for teams 3 and 4.
  • Fixed team 4 material for boxer wreckage.
  • Improved paragon turret own hull avoidance.
  • Reduced heal beam glow to be less messy in fog.
  • Fixed Armor Boost ability stuck assigned to right click.
  • Improved end boss beam turret own hull avoidance.
  • Smoothed out Mule dropoff marker motion for clients.
  • Fix for radar enable disable getting inverted from UI toggle key.
  • Fixed mission and music reset on server restart after match end.
  • Fixed Camel engine audio source offset making engines inaudible, other audio fixes.
  • Tweaked missile impact effects to prevent strobing targets.
  • Removed excessive knockback from unguided rockets.
  • Fixed several mismatched ship tooltips.
  • Fixed NPC capital ships getting stuck firing when players leave a ship with a friendly target.
  • Fixed incorrect radar sizing for large sharks.
  • Added missing reload sounds to Sabre, Paladin.

Update 7.1

Hey everyone quick bugfix update this week, the next major update in early March will be focused on more improvements to the Campaign and Infinite modes, notes below:

  • Increased capital ship turn thrust to compensate for the angular drag fix in Update 7.
  • Fixed capital ship afterburner not recharging until boost button released.
  • Fixed warp effect playing for clients when mothership was still charging in Infinite mode.
  • Enemy waves will now increment while undiscovered during scout missions to help prevent snowballing in the campaign.
  • Removed stray aiming reticle for Artemis, planning on making the frigate heal beams controllable later.
  • Fixed some missing/old ship tooltips.

Update 7 Released

Hey everyone! Update 7 is up on the main branch, here are the notes:


  • Complete overhaul of Strikecraft camera system, collisions should feel less jarring and flying fighters should feel much more dynamic. Holding the camera swap button (default 'z') now lets you look around.
  • Removed Drift Mode and overhauled flight values for most ships. Consolidating flight models helps us focus on creating a single well balanced feel for each ship and frees up a button to give ships a second ability.
  • New HUD Radar and Target tracker.
  • Added Firing Range game mode for testing out ships.
  • Added First Pass end-of-match stats screen.
  • Audio and visual effect improvements.
  • Many ship changes effecting weapons, abilities and movement. Highlights include:
  • Increased Mule capacity 25%, increased boost duration.
  • Torpedoes now decrease thrust in proportion to remaining fuel and factor target distance when the aim point returns a position in empty space, also improved torpedo hitbox.
  • Freebee is now armed with a Pulse Laser and Armor Boost ability.
  • Reworked Hornet as an Autocannon fighter to better match its ability.
  • Primary weapon for Ranger is now a Plasma Bomb launcher.
  • Boxer now has the self-repair ability
  • New Guided Missiles.

  • Fixed Music and Post Processing Volume/Skybox not syncing with clients in Infinite Mode.
  • Fixed client aiming reticles getting stuck on death.
  • Fixed AI ships getting stuck after rallying on the Mothership.
  • Fixed nearest minable asteroid UI for clients.
  • Removed excessive collision sounds(no more bonging or ricochet noise).
  • Fixed Capital Ships getting incorrect angular drag values that were too low.
  • Fixed Armor Boost.
  • Filled in missing Capital Ship thruster particle effects, boost effects.
  • Fixed a number of ability cooldowns not updating the HUD.
  • A number of client fixes for guided missiles.
  • Client fixes for a number of HUD elements.
  • Fixed map obstacles marked as resource asteroids on HUD radar.
  • Lowered Carrier AI optimal guard range (Paragon sometimes try to leave the map).
  • Slingshot now alternates between upper and lower launchers.
  • Fixed Small Shark using the wrong weapon.
  • Added version text to lobby menu.

Test Builds on the Beta Branch

A big thanks to everyone that supported us through the holiday sale! We'll be focusing on Infinite Mode and quality of life improvements for the next major update. General list of improvements to Infinite Mode we're working on include:

  • Stat tracking such as elapsed time, kills, resources mined, spent, etc.
  • Implementing side objectives.
  • Better markers for enemies, the tags marking incoming waves were a bit confusing and spawned enemies currently have no marker until you lock onto them.
  • Refine the map size, improve object spawning and spacing.
  • Improve AI large obstacle navigation.
  • Improve enemy variety, in late game npc enemy types will make an appearance.
  • Still working out the feasibility of deeper roguelike elements such as unlockable ships, player or team wide buffs and debuffs, named boss enemies/unique friendly ships, etc.

If you'd like to keep up with our progress a new test build is up on the Beta Branch and we're taking week to week feedback in the Gameplay Megathread. We'll be uploading new builds at roughly weekly intervals with the goal of a main branch update at the end of the month.

To access the test version of the game: right click on Lost Fleet in your Steam library and go to Properties-> Betas -> Beta Participation dropdown -> "testing - beta branch"

Beta Build Update 7 Test 1 Notes:

  • Decreased size of Infinite Mode maps by ~10%
  • Added Firing Range game mode. Test out any of the ships without mining and blow away target enemies.