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Update 6.5 Released

We wanted to do a quick update before we break for the holidays. Here are the notes:

  • Infinite mode is now available in the game mode dropdown; Still very much a work in progress but I'm hoping that as the mode expands this will be the primary way to play the game. Added new skyboxes and map objects for over 100 environmental combinations.
  • Fixed warp effects playing outside of the jump countdown.
  • Re-enabled velocity limits for ships.
  • Paragon turrets are now more powerful and controllable.
  • Reset Paragon and Pegasus camera controls to capital ship default.
  • Added glow effect to Pegasus hangar.
  • Improved command selection icon sprite and sizing.
  • Fixed command selection icons displaying when selected units were behind the camera.
  • Fixed orders remaining visible on the command when deselecting units using group binds.
  • Fixed carriers getting stuck selling if missing ships
  • Repair units will now reject commands to heal enemies
  • Increased target finding distance when holding the target button to find nearest enemy

After New Years we'll be working on expanding Infinite mode, special thanks to everyone who provided feedback in the megathread and to Splattercatgaming for the recent coverage. Take care everyone!