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Test Builds on the Beta Branch

A big thanks to everyone that supported us through the holiday sale! We'll be focusing on Infinite Mode and quality of life improvements for the next major update. General list of improvements to Infinite Mode we're working on include:

  • Stat tracking such as elapsed time, kills, resources mined, spent, etc.
  • Implementing side objectives.
  • Better markers for enemies, the tags marking incoming waves were a bit confusing and spawned enemies currently have no marker until you lock onto them.
  • Refine the map size, improve object spawning and spacing.
  • Improve AI large obstacle navigation.
  • Improve enemy variety, in late game npc enemy types will make an appearance.
  • Still working out the feasibility of deeper roguelike elements such as unlockable ships, player or team wide buffs and debuffs, named boss enemies/unique friendly ships, etc.

If you'd like to keep up with our progress a new test build is up on the Beta Branch and we're taking week to week feedback in the Gameplay Megathread. We'll be uploading new builds at roughly weekly intervals with the goal of a main branch update at the end of the month.

To access the test version of the game: right click on Lost Fleet in your Steam library and go to Properties-> Betas -> Beta Participation dropdown -> "testing - beta branch"

Beta Build Update 7 Test 1 Notes:

  • Decreased size of Infinite Mode maps by ~10%
  • Added Firing Range game mode. Test out any of the ships without mining and blow away target enemies.