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Update 7 Released

Hey everyone! Update 7 is up on the main branch, here are the notes:


  • Complete overhaul of Strikecraft camera system, collisions should feel less jarring and flying fighters should feel much more dynamic. Holding the camera swap button (default 'z') now lets you look around.
  • Removed Drift Mode and overhauled flight values for most ships. Consolidating flight models helps us focus on creating a single well balanced feel for each ship and frees up a button to give ships a second ability.
  • New HUD Radar and Target tracker.
  • Added Firing Range game mode for testing out ships.
  • Added First Pass end-of-match stats screen.
  • Audio and visual effect improvements.
  • Many ship changes effecting weapons, abilities and movement. Highlights include:
  • Increased Mule capacity 25%, increased boost duration.
  • Torpedoes now decrease thrust in proportion to remaining fuel and factor target distance when the aim point returns a position in empty space, also improved torpedo hitbox.
  • Freebee is now armed with a Pulse Laser and Armor Boost ability.
  • Reworked Hornet as an Autocannon fighter to better match its ability.
  • Primary weapon for Ranger is now a Plasma Bomb launcher.
  • Boxer now has the self-repair ability
  • New Guided Missiles.

  • Fixed Music and Post Processing Volume/Skybox not syncing with clients in Infinite Mode.
  • Fixed client aiming reticles getting stuck on death.
  • Fixed AI ships getting stuck after rallying on the Mothership.
  • Fixed nearest minable asteroid UI for clients.
  • Removed excessive collision sounds(no more bonging or ricochet noise).
  • Fixed Capital Ships getting incorrect angular drag values that were too low.
  • Fixed Armor Boost.
  • Filled in missing Capital Ship thruster particle effects, boost effects.
  • Fixed a number of ability cooldowns not updating the HUD.
  • A number of client fixes for guided missiles.
  • Client fixes for a number of HUD elements.
  • Fixed map obstacles marked as resource asteroids on HUD radar.
  • Lowered Carrier AI optimal guard range (Paragon sometimes try to leave the map).
  • Slingshot now alternates between upper and lower launchers.
  • Fixed Small Shark using the wrong weapon.
  • Added version text to lobby menu.